Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

Or Saturday...but who's counting?? Oh, you are? Well, I'm so sorry, but I was traveling for work this week and my Internet connection was AWFUL! It kicked me off every 5 minutes and I couldn't even get a connection on Friday. Didn't they know I had fashion advice to share? Didn't they know Jessica Simpson has now added swimwear to her line and I need to share her designs with you?? Apparently, the Internet connection did not know that, or it simply didn't care. Alas, I am now home and able to sit in the comfort of my home and look up pictures of skinny, and by skinny I mean almost non-existent models sporting Jessica's bikini line. Can someone please order some Krispi Creme donuts, a dozen quarter pounders, biggie size those fries and a couple of route 44 regular cokes and Fed-Ex it to this modeling agency STAT! Thanks, and Gig'em.

Now, I literally shutter at the though of swimsuit season. I, unlike the models, have done my fair share of keeping my body fed. While I won't look like Miss California in that white Jessica Simpson bikini with the adorable silver detail, I would look something like Carni Wilson. No offense to you, Carni. I love your music, but no one would ever really refer to us as "tiny".

Miss California in the Miss USA Pageant swimsuit competition
Photo Credit: Eric Jamison/AP

Without further ado, I give you Jessica's designs for the season. And, let's give the models a break here, ok? Yes the sunglasses looks SILLY and they are wearing things such as belts and long hanging necklaces.

All images: Mark Mainz/Getty Images and can be seen here

I don't know about you, but I wear my swimsuit to SWIM. Imagine the thought? I don't put it on and walk around Malibu, so I don't usually need a belt to accessorize. I guess it's what you do on the runway. I never made it past the Dillard's runway show when I was 8. And I think they only asked me because they really wanted my sister who was 5 and ADORABLE at the time. They didn't want to hurt my feelings so they gave me an outfit too. It was pretty fun.

All kidding aside, I love all of these except for the leopard print one. That was just thrown in there for fun and so you could see that they really did make the model wear a belt to accessorize a swimsuit. I love both of the navy suits with the gold accents and I think that navy and white one is completely adorable if you can pull off the horizontal stripes. You can see the entire collection here! Yay for Spring and Summer!! And yay for weekends!!

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Laura said...

Thanks for sharing and making me want to go run and throw up the Taco Bell I just inhaled!! LOL! Really...they are cute...but I need a "supportive" swimsuit..swimming or laying out...I need that lift! Be on the look out sista!
Miss ya!