Monday, April 27, 2009


How crazy is facebook?? I mean, really! It's fabulous because you can keep in touch with people that you wouldn't otherwise have any contact with, but at the same token, it's a little bit stalker-ish. Anytime someone comments on someone else's page we know what they said, when it's someones birthday, we know, they break up, we know, they get divorced, we's so invasive! And I.LOVE.IT.

I love facebook because I can see people's pictures, I can read their status updates, I find out when people are married, I find out when people are pregnant. I love it. I also find that it makes me more nosey. People I haven't talked to since college will post something as a status message and leave it very open ended. Immediately I want to know more. Why are they happy? Why are they sad? What good news did they just call their parent's and spill?? Are they pregnant? Engaged? Did they get a new job?? I realize I haven't talked to you in 7 years, but don't leave me hangin'!! I'm now completely curious about your life and your secret good news.

Another thing about facebook....if you're married, please put your maiden name in there somewhere. I get these friend requests from high school people and it's literally been 10 years. My parent's moved 2 weeks after I graduated. I have not been back to my high school hometown. I have no idea who married who. I didn't see the announcements in the local newspaper and I have had no family in town to give me the gossip. The new last names mean nothing to me and it's hard to put a 1/2 inch photo of you in your Halloween costume with just your first name. I mean, really. Thank goodness FB does that thing where you can see what friends you have in common. Dave got a friend request the other day from a girl and she wasn't ringing any bells! (Or so he said! :) He asked if I knew her thinking it could be a friend of mine. She wasn't ringing any of my bells either, so I looked up their mutual friends. Their mutual friends were all friends of his from high school, so I informed him that she was also from NB and he went ahead and accepted her. Thank goodness for mutual friend recognition or that might have been an awkward run-in at his 10-year reunion in the fall! No one wants to be rejected on FB!

I do love the conversations with my friends though. We'll be sitting around talking about some old, random event and someone will say, "Oh my gosh, that was so fun. Has anyone talked to ____ _____ since college? I wonder how she's doing?!" And it's usually followed with, "Yeah, she lives in Houston, has 2 kids, 3 dogs, is married to a Marine and owns her own stationary store." "Really?? That's great! Have you talked to her??" "No, but I saw it on facebook."

That explains it. It really does.

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the kriegels said...

it sounds like i stalk i mean love facebook as much as you do!!