Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

Let's get you dressed! Spring and Summer boast cute but casual outfits that can easily serve dual purposes. Church, work, a night out with the hubs or the girls, happy hour after work or even a trip to the store. I've seen many a cute things from store to store and I will share a few of my favorite finds thus-far.

I actually love this entire outfit. I would probably even go bold and get the skirt in orange. I always like having a lightweight cardigan in the Summer because it's warm outside, but indoors, places like to turn up the AC. I think this outfit is flirty, fun and super cute.

These next two can almost go hand-in-hand. They are adorable ruffle top camis that can be dressed down with a pair of shorts or paired with white pants an great heels for a wedding. You can find the ruffle top cami here and the blue silk cami here.

This shift dress from Banana Republic is perfect for a no fuss outfit. It's lightweight, no wrinkles, grab-and-go type of outfit. BR is offering 20% off orders of $100 or more now through 4/19. Just use the code BRSPRING when checking out online!

I am in serious need of this dress. I might even forfeit the Target dresses because this is so darn cute. I love that it is airy and those roses at the top had me at hello. Francesca's has all of their summer dresses at 20% off. They have some really cute ones, but are very limited in their sizes, so check them out.

And if black and white is your gig, this strapless dress is perfect for you. It is sassy and classy. And I'm sitting in a box with a fox wearing socks....I think I'm done.

Happy Friday everyone! And take a moment to click over to Today's Housewife. Yours truly just might have been their guest blogger for today!



katie newton said...

ohhhh, I'd like the ruffle top and the black and white dress, not to be worn together of course. please and thank you. And congrats on your guest blogging!!! :) How might someone go about being asked for that type of thing? Did she just randomly stumble upon your blog? I am so curious about this "celebrity" blogging world. lovelove!! :)

Tiffany said...

Ha! I am not a celebrity, but if I were, remember I would like to be on DWTS.

Sandra is one of the bloggers on Today's Housewife and a friend of mine from High School. She asked me to write for them this week since their topic is shopping.

They are always looking for guest bloggers! You can check their sidebar to see what their upcoming topics are (they are different each week) and if something interest you, jump in!

Anonymous said...

Super cute outfits!


Musings of a Housewife said...

LOVE the first outfit. Wish I could pull something like that off. :=)