Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some girls have all the luck...

At one time in my life I was a gymnast. Yes, it's true. I was under 4'5" and under 100lbs and could flip and flop and throw my weight around the balance beam and parallel bars. I, like every other young girl in the 1980's, LOVED Mary Lou Retton. I wanted to be her. As I did handstands in the living room I watched her in her 1984 Olympic glory and I knew I would be just like her standing on that podium, excepting my gold medal and singing the National Anthem with tears rolling down my face.

One of the greatest days EVER was when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My dad got home from work and called me into the living room. He handed me a book with Mary Lou on the cover. It was her autobiography, and inside the front cover was her autograph and a message to ME! Not only had Mary Lou Retton signed my book, but so had her coach, Bela Karolyi. Dad heard they were doing a book signing at a local book store and he went after work and stood in line to get me that book. How sweet was that?

Well, my years passed and unlike a true gymnastic prodigy, I actually grew. Once I got over 75 lbs and 4'6" I knew my dreams of balance beam excellence were long gone. And now, at 28, I still LOVE to watch the gymnasts during the Olympics. The competition is fierce. Those dang Russians and Chinese always give us a run for the money. But in the 2008 Olympics we had little Shawn Johnson to cheer for. At 16 years old she was so spunky and happy and represented our country so well. She was an all-star and gave me...I mean, all the little girls out there someone to look up to. What a wonderful role model!

Photo courtesy of Google Images

AP Photo/Matt Dunham

Not only did she become who I always wanted to be by winning Olympic gold but now she's just showing off. Because the second thing I secretly want to be is on Dancing With the Stars. Can you send Life is Glam and Fab to all of your friends and maybe I can become a "star" blogger and then I can be on DWTS??? Last night she was phenomenal!! I felt like a proud mom watching her as she twirled and looked like what I imagine Ginger Rogers looked like. Luckily I was home alone so Dave couldn't make fun of me, but I found myself clapping and slightly teary eyed at the end of her routine.

Photo courtesy of Access Hollywood

I want to be Shawn Johnson when I grow up. And If I ever get on DWTS, I think the Cha-Cha will be my best dance. :)


Em Clod said...

only YOU would want the life of a 16 yr old.. love it!!

Christina Gordita said...

OMG! i LOVE LOVE Shawn Johnson, and i too wanted to be an Olympic star! That is SOO funny! I hope she wins! I missed it last night, I forgot to put it on DVR... Thank goodness for You Tube!!

katie newton said...

Um, my PawPaw made me my own personal balance beam way back when- there were high hopes for me, until I started to "fill out"! :):) 5'8" gymnasts were not all the rage. :) I can TOTALLY relate!! :):):)