Monday, April 6, 2009

Quote of the Day...

"Who wants a sno-cone?? I'm buying!!"
~ One of the little boys sitting behind mom at the baseball game

It was totally adorable, and you've never seen hands fly in the air so quickly! Where do kids come up with these things? Mom raised her hand, but she turned up sno-cone-less. Go figure.


Laura said...

This is great!! I love baseball and I love the food that goes along with it! Cute picture! And yes....I see you doing the Cha Cha in all your glory (re. the previous blog!)

Vicki said...

This is why you gotta love little boys! And y'all...they would take their spoons and mix flavors in each other's cup. They all played baseball together...THIS is why we love the game and the little beggers that play it!