Friday, December 18, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

You probably have a wish list from your family and friends. And I'm sure you're all way ahead of the game and your presents are all bought and wrapped and under the tree! No?? I have to brag and tell you that outside of my brother and one more gift for Dave...I'm DONE!! Now I just need to light the fire, burn my candy cane candle, put in Christmas Vacation and have a little wrapping party for one in my living room!

Now that the main gifts are purchased I get to think about fun stocking stuffers. And that can be hard!! Here are a few suggestion for him and her! (Click the bold green links for more info)

A subscription to "O" The Oprah Magazine for only $5!!

Lottery Tickets
Head Lamp- So your hubby can look super cool too....They claim it is super helpful and necessary...
PS...if you're still stumped on the perfect gift for him take a look at this fabulous watch Timex has made just for JCrew this year! The band comes in tons of fun colors!


sHp said...

Love the ideas - thanks so much!

sem said...

t- you have GOT to stop posting about these freaking magazine sales... i have now signed up for four. enough is ENOUGH!

i hope i see you at the christmas eve service??? if not, merry, merry, merry christmas to you and your fam! love ya!

p.s. my fab ornament looks so cute on our tree :):)

Heather said...

I love those slippers and those mugs, too cute!! Such great stuff! love these!

Katrina said...

What...A head lamp?? LOL - did I miss a new trend! :) I love those necklaces and coffee mugs, so cute