Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ringin' it in!

I just realized that I never posted about New Years. With birthdays and anniversaries I completely forgot! And I have been so concerned lately with the destruction of my body (Tony hates me, but I'm hangin' in there!) and I have been more concerned with how much it hurts to type (type, breathe, eat, live....) that I have failed to post. I apologize faithful reader. You use me as your escape from your duties at work and home and I have failed you miserably. I apologize and I vow to fill you in on the very imperative details of the first few days of my 2009. It's been fabulous if I might say so! Cheers!

Happy New Year!!
The Loj, Bradley and me...Here's to a great '09!

Me and my boo

OMG y'all, I also forgot to tell you about Lucky Boots round #2 on New Year's Eve!! I'm not even was 1:30am and we were leaving the Loj's house and they live on a busy street! Why is there always immediate danger?? And this pretty little girls comes straight for me! It was pitch black and I almost didn't see her until she brushed up on my leg and I was like, "Y'all, seriously where did she come from?" Answer: She can from out of no-where and then it was our duty to get her home. Her name was CoCo and thankfully, she has a rhinestone studded collar and a TAG with her name and address. THANK YOU responsible pet owner! So we loaded her up and took her to her home. Her family was definitely not awake and they were definitely not still ringing in the new year! CoCo's mom did mutter a heartfelt thank you and my duty was done. Phew!

Me and CoCo ringing in the new year!

Our anniversary trip to the Cotton Bowl! I thought I was so cleaver getting Cotton Bowl tickets for our "Cotton" anniversary. We had a great time!

We got our guns up, but Ole Miss had their number....

Mom doing 50 right!

Her and her besties!

Happy Birthday Lady!!

And last but not least...

I just think this is cute of Rookie. He was just going crazy to get outside and we let him out and then when he ran in we realized he had something in his mouth. Upon closer inspection, he has one of his treats and he had buried it out back! Home boy had run outside for 5 minutes digging it up and was covered in dirt! It was really cute and it was the first time he has ever done something like that, so we documented it. Yes, I love my dog.

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Kristen said...

Yes, you do love your dog. The pics from the 50th are so cute...