Saturday, January 10, 2009

No words...

I follow (along with half of the world!) a blog called "Bring the Rain." It is written by Angie Smith who is an amazing Christian woman, wife, and mother who lost her baby last April. She not only lost the baby, but knew 3 months before she was born that she would not live and she chose to carry out the pregnancy and have the baby. She documented her journey and her very real heart, pain and all on her blog. The day she found out that Audrey Caroline would not, could not survive, was January 7, 2008. She just posted a video on her blog of the day Audrey was born, and if you feel so inclined, go watch it. It is an amazing testament of God's love for us that while their family was in the depths of sadness He gave them peace, joy and strength. If you have never read their story you can start from the very beginning and see how God has truly used this unimaginable situation for His glory. Angie's blog almost from day one is read around the world. She has touched many women's lives and is allowing the Lord to use her to reach the world.

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