Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

As you know, I have a love affair with turtlenecks. They look great under coats, always make me feel "dressed" and in my opinion are timeless. I was going to post today about ways to survive the cold and stay comfy, but I received the following e-mail and knew I had to help!

"So I need a black stretchy/form fitting type very simple black turtleneck to wear under a couple of dresses. I haven't had any I thought I'd check with the turtleneck queen :) "

Have no fear, help is here! I have chosen a few styles all relatively similar. I also added an adorable turtleneck dress.

I love this stretch TN by Ralph Lauren. This is the perfect top to go under a dress or nice sweater. And at $25, the price can't be beat!
This is really cute, and it definitely comes in black, but I like the Claret and Castlerock too! And again, at $38 it's a great price.

This TN dress is short sleeves, but I think it is really cute and can be dressed up with fun boots or down with some darling ballet flats.

Now this one comes with good news and bad news....the good news is, it's a super sexy cashmere turtleneck for only $58! The bad news is, they only have small and XL in camel color left. I thought I would throw it out there for those of you that fit that description!

Last but not least...This is not a turtleneck, but I have to show you these fabulous house slippers! They were going to be part of my original FFF post until I got the fabulous turtleneck question. I had really been needing some slippers because our kitchen and living room is all one big room and it is tiled. Tile gets a little chilly in the winter, so I needed something to take the edge off. :) My MIL gave me these adorable slippers for Christmas and they have rocked my world! These Isotoner Luxe Rosette Satin Ballerina Slippers are so precious and they come in white, so they would be the perfect compliment to your wedding dress on the big day! Your feet will thank you!

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Babs said...

t-rog. it's sem. you are killing me with your blog. it is so very informative and hilarious. LOVE the t-neck post!!! and all the P90X stuff :) :) give us an update... am dying to hear what you're thinking. i LOVED it when i did it. the yoga is awesome. and, please, the angie blog?! she is amazing. so glad you posted about that as well. so, just thought i'd say hi and thanks for entertaining me at work on a sloooooow, cloudy saturday afternoon. let's do maud's next night you have free from yourself :) love!