Friday, January 23, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

Ode to resolutions...Many of my friends and family are working hard to turn over a new leaf in 2009. Weight loss and healthy living is the goal of many including me! As I have told you, Dave and I are doing P90X and while at first I hated Tony Horton and hated my life (not really, just physically) I'm starting to get in the groove and enjoy the torture of my body. I know that "Sweat Eventually Turns Into Muscle." When I was in college, I saw that on a t-shirt that a very sweaty and muscly guy was wearing and I figured it must be true!

Bottom line, many of us are working to make a change and it's not easy. Time is a huge issue with me. I get up at 6:20 and I get dressed, am out the door and don't walk back in the door until 6:00pm. Add an hour workout, making dinner, doing some laundry and showering and it's 10pm when I turn into a pumpkin. Repeat. And might I mention...we don't even have kids yet! many of you have children and need to fit in a little parenting in there! I know the time is limited and that's why going to the gym is not a very viable option for some of us. It's also a huge financial commitment to give 24-Hour fitness your hard earned dollars each month. For some, $35-$60 needs to be a bill paid rather than a gym membership. Have no fear, a great workout really can be done at home! It's so much of a time saver for me to workout at home and jump in the shower rather than add the travel time/changing time/showering time at a gym. For those of you looking for a great workout at home, get ready! I am going to share with you a few of my favorite workout DVDs and a few that I have heard are awesome but have not tried myself. Grab your tennies, some water and a towel 'cause you're going to sweat! And remember....Sweat eventually turns into muscle! :)

I love the Biggest Loser and I love Bob and Jillian. They are amazing trainers who motivate but also push you to work harder than you ever have. Our bodies can do more than we think they can if we just DO IT! Click here to see a list of some of their DVDs on Amazon. Choose one that looks right for you! But, here are 2 of my favorites that I have tried and they are great!

Cardio Max gets your heart pumpin' and your blood flowing. I really enjoy this video. All 3 trainers get involved and lead portions of your workout, but Bob is the main trainer in this one. You really only need floorspace, some dumb-bells and water!
Jillian does not mess around in the 30-Day Shred! She works you OUT! But you will see results! My friend Lesli has been doing this one. You go girl!!

Obviously, my latest adventure is the P90X. It's not easy, but I've come to realize that weight loss and toning really shouldn't be. Well, it SHOULD be, but it's not! :) So, I introduce you to Tony, should you dare. I have no doubt I will see results. I have done the workouts for 9 days now and while I have only lost 3 lbs, I do feel a difference and I honestly can see a difference in my body. I think some of the weight has shifted and I think I am beginning to tone my arms and legs. Good news! If you order in the next 7 hours you can be in pain by Monday! I will have the DVDs by Monday! :) Oh, and you will need dumb-bells and resistance bands. Dave can actually do pull-ups and uses the pull-up bar, but I am not to that point yet. And yes, this is definitely a video that you and the hubs can do together. It will work you both out hardcore!

My last recommendation has not been tested by me....or anyone else I know for that matter! It is, however, hilarious. I heard about this on the radio this morning and I had to check it out for myself! How many of you count Dirty Dancing as one of your all-time favorite movies?? Of course you do! Patrick Swayze moving those hips....whew! And we all had hair like Baby before the Chi. My dad used to stand at the end of the hallway and let my sister and I run and jump and he would lift us up while we tried and tried to perfect "the lift". Ahhh...memories. Well now, we can all relive the days of old with the new Dirty Dancing workout DVD! You think I'm joking, but you can burn those calories while doing Johnny's Mambo! I might try to get Dave in on this so we can do the "Saturday Night Challenge"!


Courtney said...

Hey! I saw a commercial for that Dirty Dancing thing on tv and totally thought of you! LOVE IT! Have a good Friday!

lesli said...

OMG ~ I had no idea about the dirty dancing work out! I've been dying to try the dancing with the stars and lisa rinna dancing video, but i think i'm going to have to get this one. also ~ i'm going to talk with the fat chicks, because it might be fun to have you review some of your work out videos on our site!

3lbs is GREAT girl! i'm not going to say any cliche line, because they are all annoying to me, but just know that you are getting results and that's what matters! so proud of you!

katie newton said...

ok, so I just spent the last hour reading through your entire blog and dying laughing!! Is it ok if I copy and paste some of your stuff onto mine?? :):) Just kidding, had to say it though. I just started a blog, so I am new to the whole world, but I am super pumped!! Now I can stay better updated about the happenings in your life! :) You look so great and I wish we could get together soon!!! Tell Liz to invite us all to her parents house for a girls getaway weekend!! :):) lovelove!!

ps- I adore turtlenecks as well- what AREN'T they good for is the question! :)


kristin fulghum said...

i just got the 30 day shred. love it. it's a great workout and i agree...working out at home totally beats going to the gym.

Laura said...

You always crack me up!! You know me..I am a outdoor running type of girl...but trying to be a gym rat in the morning. Alarm set for 4:45amam and in the gym by 5:15 for an hour of "wake up, why did I not hit snooze hell!" Of course that means I turn in to a pumpkin around 9pm ... at the latest! LOL

3 lbs in 9 days! That is amazing!! Be very proud! You really don't want to lose more than 1-3 a it will just come back. Slow and steady wins the race, with of course the lifestyle change. Keep it up girl! I am in a biggest contest loser with sucks b/c last week he lost 6 lbs and I lost NONE...thanks to the lovely bloating and water gain that comes with the joy of being a woman! Curse the man during those times! LOL!

Hang in there and remember 2-3 weeks becomes a habit! Miss ya!