Monday, November 17, 2008

Where you been girl??

Where HAVEN'T I been is a better question! I was in Waco, TX, home of the Baylor Bears, on Thursday and Friday. Houston, TX, home of....**EDIT: smog, taffic, the Texans, the Astros and Rockets....on Saturday and part of Sunday, and Jarrell, TX, home of cows and such the rest of Sunday. It was a totally fun weekend, but I feel like I've traveled Texas!

I was in Waco for a conference for work and it was really fun. I only wish I had had time for some Christmas shopping at Spice! Alas, I did not. I might need to make a supplemental trip North on I-35 for that one. I got home Friday and did laundry and got ready for our trip to Houston to celebrate Mary Lee and Richard's wedding! We got up Saturday, ran some errands, then high-tailed it to H-Town.

Goin' to the chapel! Mary Lee was gorgeous! She looked so happy and everything was just as I thought "Mary Lee's wedding" would be. At the reception I had some good food, watched the crew set up for Madonna's concert on Sunday, ate an AMAZING piece of both white AND chocolate cake and called it a night!
Watching the crew put together the stage for the Material Girl
How cute is the groom's cake??
ML's cake...and it was just as good as it was gorgeous!!

I would be denying you if I failed to mention our sightings in the hotel lobby. When we got in from the wedding, we sat by the fire in the lobby and did a little bit of "people-watching". was awesome! It would have been too blatant for me to take pictures so you will have to settle for a mental picture. With Madge being in town for her concert on Sunday, you would not believe who came out of the wood works....2 ladies from New Orleans came and sat next to us and decided they were our best friends forever! They were CRAZY and probably mid 50's. They both had on jeans, knee boots over their jeans, and lots of perfume. You go girls! There were also some plus-sized ladies in minimal clothing. Nick and Dave were not as subtle as they thought they were when pointing them out!! In all, it was a great time!

Sunday, we returned to Austin, picked up mom, and headed to the ranch! Our SS class had a family day out at the Walter's ranch and it was so much fun! We toured the ranch on 4-wheelers, the kids went on a hay ride (not going to lie I was kind of bitter! I wanted to go on the hay ride, but decided I wouldn't run over a small child in my own selfish efforts), fished, had a bon-fire, made s'mores and drank hot apple cider. It was fabulous and made me completely appreciate the day. We had been going non-stop. Honestly, we have been going non-stop for weeks and weeks now. This was one more thing on the to-do list. We had committed to go to the party at the ranch and so we did. But once we got there, we really enjoyed ourselves and time moved slower.
What a handsome fisherman.
These guys were staring straight at me.
Mom and I were happy campers after our s'more!!
Dave and Jen roasting the 'mallow
Today, I start another busy week. Work is going to be CRAZY! But my challenge to myself is to enjoy it. Enjoy my week, enjoy my family, and love this Fall weather!!

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The semi-newlyweds said...

I am VERY offended that your description of Houston was the "home of smog and traffic".