Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Teeny!

Did any of you have friends with a super cool grandmother? You know, one that had hot pink nails, a mustang convertible and neon shades of lipstick? Well, I was the lucky kid, because that describes my Nana! She was always SO cool and I would go with her to the nail shop and get to dip my hands in the paraffin wax while she got some shade of coral or hot pink painted on. Every Saturday she would get her hair done, so Thursday-Saturday (before hair) we could ride with the top down in her 1988 Mustang Convertible! To an 8 year old, this was the height of hip!! That same Thursday-Saturday time frame applied to going underwater in her swimming pool. When she knew she would be getting her hair done, we would have tea parties on the bottom of the pool and giggle and swim for hours! Nana would always cut up a cantaloupe for our snack by the pool.

Three Generations

I was, and AM so lucky to have her in my life. I never had to worry if a grandparent would show up for "grandparent's day" in grade school. Nana would always take off work to come sit next to me in the lunchroom, make me feel special, and get her little star name tag saying "Tiffany's Nana" in return. When I was in high school we moved to Duncan, Oklahoma. I was a cheerleader, so Friday night was my stage. Nana and papa would drive the 2.5-3 hours to watch me. They never wanted to miss our events. The same holds true for Taylor and Kristen. They never miss anything!
Nana and Papa at one of Taylor's many baseball games

We are such blessed kids to have them in our lives. I am so glad to be celebrating another year of my Nana! Happy birthday Teeny!! (She got the nickname teeny because we kept growing and I think she might be shrinking....she's our teeny tiny! Especially when she stands next to Taylor!!)

Nana with Taylor at Tulane
My favorite people
Girl's trip to Galveston for the week
Race for the Cure 2006- Nana walked the ENTIRE way!

Love you Nana!!

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Kristen said...

Little love bug...happy birthday!