Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear lady in line in front of me at Hobby Lobby....

You are a craft lover and have dreams of crafting glory! I know this because you were buying 8,000 little things to complete your crafting adventure. I've never seen so many pine cone pics, ribbon, little butterfly sticker thingies, yarn, paint pens, scrapbook paper, glue guns, ornaments, and the necessary components of any holiday masterpiece in one cart before! In your defense, everything looked strangely familiar to the upcoming end-of-year holiday outside of those butterfly sticker thingies. What, may I ask, were those for??

I'm so glad you are crafty but I am not thrilled that you were right in front of me in line. You turned and looked at me, I smiled, you smiled, you noticed that I had ONE THING in my hand, you turned and continued putting your little pic things one-at-a-time onto the counter. I could have paid and been gone like lightening before you got all your butterflies out of your basket. There is no "10-items-or-less" express lane at Hobby Lobby. In fact, at any given time there are only 2 checkers all under the age of 16. So survey the area and let homegirl with one measly picture frame move on about her day. But I'm not bitter. Nope. I only wish I could see the fruits of your labor with those butterfly thingies.

Until we met again....

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