Monday, November 10, 2008

UPDATES: Lucky Boots, Pet Costume Contest, Wurstfest, etc..

Well, Rookie is still an only dog. I know, it's kind of sad for me too. I got pretty attached to Lucky Boots in that 3 hours I knew him. I mean, we shared a near death experience, an office, a kolache...we bonded. But, I am happy to report that within 2 hours of me dropping him at the shelter, his family came to claim him. I hope they claimed him, hugged him, then bathed him, then flea treated him!! But that's just me.

In other news....we have a WINNER!! Thanks to all of you who voted....Rookie and Maggie are the big winners of the River 102.3 Pet Costume Contest. They will be enjoying a shopping spree to Pet Land here in the coming weeks. :) You can check out their winning pose here. That was last year's photo because the contest started a full week before Halloween this year. We couldn't show our cards that early! But now, I am happy to show you our 2008 photo shoot. He's a bad mammo-jamma!

My little pumpkin

We had a precious little girl come to the door dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I asked her if she wanted me to take off Rookie's pumpkin costume and she could take him with her as her Todo...She actually turned and asked her mom if it would be ok. I learned that children are VERY literal. :)

I digress...

This weekend we went to New Braunfels for Claudia's birthday, and we had a wonderful dinner to celebrate on Friday night. Saturday, we took full advantage of one of our favorite New Braunfels traditions....the Ten Day Salute to Sausage. Otherwise known as...Wusrtfest. Mom, Dad, and Cathy came to NB and we had a great time! I'm pretty sure the list of foods consumed includes, but not limited to: Sausage balls, pizza (mom...who gets pizza at Wurstfest, seriously?), Gumbo, Pork-chop on a stick, Potato pancakes, Sweet potato fries, fried pickles and funnel cakes....plural! All topped off by a ferris wheel ride. Good times.

The birthday girl (my mother-in-law, Claudia) and I on the ferris wheel

Cathy and mom with the Opa and Oma :) (Dave's parents)

It was so fun, and the Mendenhall's were wonderful hosts. OPA!


Liz said...

I cannot believe that you won ANOTHER thing from The River. Y'all are like official groupies! That's awesome.

Tiffany said...

Ha ha. Well, mom won the concert tickets. I was just lucky enough to be her guest. If it involves calling in, that's all her! ha.

Kristen said...

Ok seriously...Rookie looks adorable.

kate said...

It's a toss up.. I might like the pumpkin costume more than the spider. What a poser!

As always, jealous of Wurstfest.