Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4th, 2008

I get a little thrill out of voting ON election day. I'm not going to lie that I skipped early voting only because we moved at the beginning of September and had to acquire new voter's registration cards. When they came they were only valid beginning November 4th....had they been valid October 25th-ish...you can bet your bottom dollar I would have early voted, but alas, here we are and it's election day 2008.

I woke up early, brushed my teeth, put my makeup on, and picked out an outfit that would go well with my "I VOTED" sticker. The polling place is right around the corner from our house, so Dave and I got there around 6:45. We literally had perfect timing by about 30 seconds. No lie cars started pouring into the parking lot and the line was getting pretty long. Once the voting began at 7am it only took us about 10 minutes and we had cast our votes and were on our merry way. I feel very patriotic at the present and although the election seems all but decided, I have to feel that my vote counts! So, it is cast.

Dave swears he wrote in HIS name for president so it would show up on the voting roll, but I know he's too chicken. Can you even imagine it?? Rookie in the White House!

You also have to love the volunteer working the voting booth who brought a book.....did she think she would have down time? Be bored? Good luck with that! It's Election Day! Go vote! :)

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