Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pros and Cons...

Here is a weekend recap in the pros/cons format:

  • It was a three day weekend. Can I get a Whoop??
  • I got to sleep in on Sunday and Monday! When Dave woke me up at 8:15 for church I had sheet marks on my arms and face. That's when you KNOW you've had a good night's sleep!!
  • My sister was in town
  • We were able to walk our 14 mile training walk together
  • Dave and I had a fun date night of Mexican food and bowling on Friday night....the girls bowling next to us said, "Do you guys bowl a lot? You're good!" My answer was absolutely not. Unless you count Wii bowling. And I'm not sure it adequately prepares you for the stress on your wrists. By the way...we bowled 3 games and I only broke 100 once. Her standards weren't set very high.
  • College football. I'm not sure why it took me this long to list it...
  • Freaking Melanie Oudin kicking butt and taking names at the US Open. 17 years old and she is so much fun to watch. She was saying "thank you" to all of the ball boys and towel people and the announcers were making such a big deal out of it and about how sweet she is. I was just thinking, "why on earth doesn't everyone say thank you to them?? I don't care if you're Maria Sharipova." Anywho, I hope she keeps winning! It's so fun to watch her.
  • The weather! It was high 90's during the day and in the 70's at night! Thank you, Fall for busting those 100+ dedree days!
  • I found some really fun new products at ULTA yesterday! I'll be sharing in the coming weeks.
  • I enjoyed time with my family!
  • The Fischers treated us to a fabulous BBQ, skeet shooting tourney and dove hunting at their farm. It was a great Sunday.


  • Kristen got rear-ended heading back to Dallas. BOO!! And she's only had her car for about 10 days....ugh! Thankfully she is ok.
  • Mom's back went out, so that made for a LONG weekend for her.
  • I really have no more cons....life is good.

How was your long weekend? Do anything fun??

And PS...I almost forgot! Mom's blogging!! Check her out... www.jesusintheordinary.blogspot.com


Liz said...

- You missed the Loj's BBQ

Annie said...

sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!! :)

Kylee said...

thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I always love comments and your words were greatly appreciated.

Glad you had such a great weekend! Nothing like a 3-day weekend to add some fun to life.

Have a wonderful week!

Ashley Lauren said...

I agree all the tennis players should thank you!! Good for her, showing them how it's done :)

Good luck with your walk (that's intense!) and thanks for stopping by :)