Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Copy Cat...

I was listening to the radio the other day and the all too familiar sound of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" hit the airwaves....only it was no Imogene and this was no "Hide and Seek". Instead, Jason Derulo has used the popular chorus "mmm whatcha say?" as the hook for his increasingly popular song imaginatively titled "Whatcha Say". So, it got me thinking about remakes and some of my favorites, some I'd like to forget ever happened, and some that made me download the old and the new because I love them both so. And, at the risk of sounding arrogant, but just trying to be fair, the Loj and I do a pretty mean version of "Elephant Love Song Medley". But because it has never been recorded and released in wide release I hate to put it on the list.

So here goes...here are a few of my favorites that I could think of, and they've made this list because I like the original but in most of these cases I like the remake better.

Title/original artist/remake artist:

All Along the Watchtower (obvi!): Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix/Dave Matthews Band
Sailing: Christopher Cross/Nsync (Nsync killed this remake! It's awesome!)
Come on Eileen: Dexy's midnight Runners/Save Ferris
Heard it Through the Grapevine: Glady's Night and the Pips/Creedence Clearwater Revival (Most of y'all know that CCR can do no wrong in my book, so pretty much anything they remade I liked better!)
Higher Ground: Stevie Wonder/Red Hot Chili Peppers
Landslide: Fleetwood Mac/Dixie Chicks
Nothing Compares to U: Prince/Sinead O'Connor
Proud Mary: CCR/Ike and Tina Turner (Love both versions!)
Red Red Wine: Neil Diamond/UB40
Respect: Otis Redding/Aretha Franklin
Crazy: Gnarls Barkley/Ray LaMontagne
Ain't no Sunshine When she's Gone: First of all, I love this song. Period. Bill Withers was the original artist of the song, but Van Morrison sings my favorite version. Kris Allen did an amazing version on AI last year, so he's up there with Van Morrison, but he's my second fave. And on that note....I leave you with this...

On this next list are a few songs I can think of that should have never been remade! Why would you even try to mess with the original??

Drift Away: Doby Gray/Uncle Kracker (My dislike for UK could have something to do with this...)
Sweet Home Alabama: Lynard Skynard/Kid Rock (Again, it could have something to do with the artist)
I Will Survive: Gloria Gaynor/Cake
Pretty Woman: Roy Orbison/Van Halen
Tuesday's Gone: Lynard Skynard/Metallica
Wonderwall: Oasis/Ryan Adams

Your turn! I know there are a million I couldn't think of, so do share your faves!! I need some new downloads. :)


Em Clod said...

more than a feeling/Boston/nsync

I absolutely love the nsync version... and I think Lauren, Sarah and Lindsey would agree with me :)

lesli said...

I didn't know Ray Lamontange covered Crazy! I will definitely be downloading that today!

Jax said...

I couldn't agree with your list more-for.reals. Adorable blog!!! :) Definitely following you, chica!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Your comment has to be one of the best of all times! haha you are soo funny! I am now following you too!!!

Beth Dunn said...

I agree Sweet Home Alabama will never be remade well. xoxo

jmnewt5 said...

Ummm, Kris Allen's "Heartless" is DEFINITELY on my ipod... who needs Kanye! :)

Taylor Rogers said...

If you leave- OMD/Nada Surf
Big Yellow Taxi- Joni Mitchell/Counting Crows
Baby I love your way- Peter Frampton/Big Mountain/UB40
Zombie- Cranberries/Miser

I have a million of these, but that'll do for now.

Also, the Smashing Pumpkins covered Landslide too...