Friday, September 18, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

I told you guys about 2 months ago how I went back to my 10 year High School reunion. It was so funny because my friends and I looked through tons of old pictures because we love reminiscing about overalls, denim jumpers, feathered bangs, Aqua net hairspray and MIA sandals. We blamed a lot of our apparel misfortunes on our "awkward stage" and I soon realized that I lived about 15 years of my life in an "awkward stage". Bless my heart.

Sometimes the awkward stage can be difficult to maneuver through and I feel like I'm in one right now. You see, it is currently Fall. But I live in Texas. So it is still 85-95 degrees daily with high humidity. But, it can most certainly be 90 degrees when you head out to that Friday night football game but in the mid 70's come time for nachos and a halftime show. You can see the predicament. So I have found a few items to help with this awkward stage where it's too hot for a coat but too cool for spaghetti straps. And my friends know my creed: If it's warm enough for a mini-skirt it's not cold enough for UGGs! I'm sure it's just me, but that's not my favorite "trend". It's like my mom always said, "Just because the girls in High School Musical can get away with it....."

I digress. One of my favorite things is to be able to take a shrug or lightweight cardigan and have it on hand in case I need a little something if I get cool. I have found a few great items that can be dressed up for work or church or dressed down for tomorrow night when Texas beats Tech. :)

I'm pretty sure I will own this before the weekend is over. It's Gianni Bini from Dillard's.
I'm telling you what...this photo does this shrug/cardigan no justice. It is super cute. It's not heavy, it is very lightweight and I think it adds more to the outfit than it adds to the warmth. I have debated between black or white for myself...
This Cableknit shrug from Banana Republic comes in brown or grey and I say, "Yes please!"

I just love, love this Cocoon Shrug Sweater also from Banana.
And finally, these wrap cardigans are inexpensive, they come in great colors to add some fun to your Fall wardrobe, and I like that they tie in what just so happens to be my problem area! Can I get an amen??


David said...

This post lost a lot of credibility with that snide comment about tomorrow's game!

Jillian said...

okay, so where is that orange strug at the beginning from?? I want one!!

Tiffany said...

Jillian- it's from Dillard's! And it's so fun. If you click on the green words that are bolded in my posts those are the links to the product. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Cute ideas! I live in NC and the weather here can really vary too! I can remember in Christmas 06 when my daughter was born there is a pic. of me holding her and wearing a sundress! It is awkward...Thanks for the thoughts!

lesli said...

so did you get the grey cardigan? i think it's so cute! i thought about it all weekend, but no dillard's in tupelo=( maybe i'll find it in texarkana this weekend!