Friday, September 25, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

Y'all I still don't think I'm over Grey's from last night! I can hardly think straight. Izzy and Alex...Mc.Dreamy and Meredith.....I think I'm back on the GA bandwagon.

Moving on to fashion and such...I received a couple of e-mails this week about great deals this week and I am going to share one of them with you today. I will share the other in due time my friends. I'm helping you hone's a virtue. :)

Have y'all ever shopped at Swoozie's before? It's pretty much fantastic. All things monogrammed, personalized, imprinted, embellished....yes please! Right now they are offering 30% off of all online orders and I'm not kidding when I say this is a great deal! Do some early Christmas shopping or indulge in something you've been eyeing for a while. Baby gifts, address stamps, birthday presents, just for fun, koozies for a party....Here few of my favorites!

Cozie baseball, Monogrammed bib, Initial cutting board, fun personalized wine glasses, even amazing stationary and invitations!

Because it would not let me use the images I have linked to many fun products. Use the shopping code celebrate30 when you check out to enjoy 30% savings! Happy saving!!


Christina said...

Thanks for posting. I think I'm going to get an address stamper.

Laura said...

That site is AWESOME! Actually, the more appropriate word is DANGEROUS!! I could easily buy so much there! Thanks for posting!