Friday, August 29, 2008

Fabulous Find Friday!

TGIF sisters! Keep reading and you'll know just how much I mean that! This Friday's fabulous find comes straight (as an arrow) to our hearts from one of my sisters. One of my Pi Phi sisters that is. And it's an ode to the wine and silver blue. Awwww....

But really, Victoria's Secret has come out with a new super cute line of panties in what other colors but the wine and silver blue!! They come in tons of cute styles, patterns and materials. Might I add that this is just in time for rush, so all the big sis' can fill their little sis' goody baskets with new unmentionables. How appropriate, right? They're totally pros 1-8!

Let's get 'em!! ;)

*Might I also throw this in just to make you smile... I love you Old Navy!

1 comment:

Elicia said...

Hehe, I love it. Especially the Pros 1-8 comment!