Friday, August 1, 2008

Fabulous Find Friday!

Hi friends! I have decided that Fridays need to be devoted to fabulous finds! This could be great sales, new products, cute shoes, or as today's topic promotes....a good night's sleep!

As you know, I have been traveling a lot for work. I have stayed in Marriotts, Hiltons, Hyatts, etc. While all have been great hotels and offered equally fab service, my head never felt so nice as it did when falling asleep on one of the Marriott pillows.

Alas, I have done some research and I have good news....We can buy these pillows online and have a great night sleep every night! I have found a website that offers these pillows at a discount rate and with amazing standard shipping of $4 flat rate. Happy shopping and sweet dreams!!


allison said...

great title! how ironic that i just posted about my hoblob knobs. we are so insync. have a good weekend!

kate said...

Did you order the pillows? Are they that great? (I am always on the look out for the perfect pillow!)