Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can't we all just get along?

I watched the season premier of the Hills with some precious friends and a fabulous plate of chocolate chip cookies. It was all fun and games until Lo and Audrina faced off...dang girls. Notable mentions of the night:

- Lauren's hair at the "kickoff party". It was a beach scene and her hair was a perfect fit. The dress....I kind of liked the dress, but the neckline (or lack there of) was a major miss-fire. Her "girls" looked really weird.
- Audrina looked super cute
- Lauren and Doug's date made ME uncomfortable with their lack of conversation, but I hate to judge since I can only imagine how goofy I would sound if I was followed on first dates with a camera
- LOVED Lo calling Doug "Dougy" at the pool party
- Audrina and Lo do not like each other. This is a problem for Lauren since she is BFF with both, but a forced friendship just isn't going to work. Oil and water don't mix sista!
- Audrina straight up saying, "We'll never be friends!" to Lo....keep the gloves up girlfriend!
- Did anyone else catch the holes in that guy's ears that I could have thrown a softball through??? Oh my word....I just can't imagine that....
- SPENCER.....he is AWFUL!! Heidi's sister came and he was just miserable to her. What does she see in him?
- Heidi's sister straight up telling Heidi she thinks Spencer is bad for her
- The extensions???? WHY?
- Heidi and Spencer walking her sister out and the random timing to start talking about her moving to Hollywood. Great segue MTV intern.

I was really disappointed that the premier was only 30 minutes. MTV left us hanging a little. I'm looking forward to this season...do we think Heidi and LC will become friends again?? The previews show Lauren having lunch with Heidi's sister and then talking about missing her "best friend". Could it be possible?

Talk amongst yourselves =)

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Abby said...

Loved watching it with you all last night!!! I am a fan now! :)