Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Find Friday!

I've been on a "sofa search" for what feels like my lifetime. In reality, it has been about 6 months. We moved into our house about a year and a half ago and progress has been slow in the decorating department. Most of our furniture is a collection of goodies from parents, grandparents, our lives before two-became-one, and one piece collected from a neighbor's garage sale the weekend we moved into our house. If that's not perfect timing I don't know what is...

I have an entire list of things I want to do in the house. At the top of the list is our living room. It is the room we spend the most time in in our house and it is where guests hang out when they come over because it is basically one large room attached to the kitchen. I have so much fun looking for ideas online and I have recently just fallen in L-O-V-E with some of these's gotten my wheels turning. And who knows, maybe you're looking for a few weekend projects this summer?

Below are several photos I really like. They are not all my style, but I think they are all gorgeous! All of the photos below are from Lonny Mag. You'll have so much fun seeing the ideas this site has to offer! But if you really want your head to spin with tons of great ideas head over to
I can't even articulate my deep love for bookshelves...the first one literally makes my mouth water for a glass of Tazo iced black tea and a good book...Please and thank you.
PS...does anyone else struggle with their style?? MAN, I feel like I like styles that really contrast. Which is why I have a hard time knowing where to start. Which is your style?

PPS...If you want to see what my house really looks like (which is nothing like these gorgeous pictures/styles...hence the conflict of styles going on in my head...) you can click here and here.


Sweet Simplicity said...

This is something that I really struggle with. I can't figure out my style. I like so many different things and they don't seem to mesh well. If only I had an unlimited budget and an interior decorator.

All you need is love... said...

First, I love your style.
Second. I am going to use your 2nd link for inspirations for new house.
Third. I want your kitchen. Including the lighting about the island. Did you install that yourself?
Fourth. Where is your dining table from?
For real, your house is beautifully decorated!!
Come help me!

Natalie said...

I love bookshelves, too. THey are the perfect accessory piece of furniture in any room!

The Neffs said...

Really pretty! I struggle with holding myself back from buying furniture and things to decorate my home. I love decorating!! Have fun.

Katie said...

LOVE all these! and yes, i TOO have problems with figuring out my style!!! i LOVE antiquey looking furniture, but also love french/italian looking style, along with ecletic and some modern! thus making me want to redecorate every 3 months! i LOVE all your couch picks!!! let us know which one you choose :)

Shelby Bukhenik said...

I feel like the decorating/redecorating process is never ending! I have NO idea what my style is haha!

Your house looks gorgeous though, so you don't have any problem in the style department.

Kelly and Sara said...

I reallllly struggle with decorating. I also have a collection of furnature from family and friends and wished my place looked like your pictures you posted!

Miss S said...

Your place is really cute :)

Susannah said...

I think everyone feels this way-I have a mish mash of stuff and a traditonal, antique style. I always want new stuff for our living room cause it's my hubby's old couch and chair from the year before we got married, his parents old end tables, etc. I just hate it all and want new furniture! :D