Friday, May 21, 2010

Fabulous Find Friday! Guest Blogger Edition!

I am SO excited about this Fabulous Find Friday because I get to play too! I have been in the market for new products and I have wanted to "spruce up" my arsenal for Summer. I bought new face wash, I'm trying a new powder, and I told y'all a few weeks ago that I have a new summer scent. It's Lilly Pulitzer, Beachy, and I'm loving it so far! There are so many great products out there and it's hard to know what to choose, so I knew just the person to ask for my "must haves"! My friend Emily is literally a genius when it comes to all things "product". I'm not even going to put her in a box and say makeup...because we're talking makeup, haircare, name it, she's got the details! She agreed to guest blog today and I'm so excited to see the items she has chosen. I'm even more excited that of these products comes straight from her bathroom! She is using them too which means they are tried and true! Emily has her own blog, Makeup Maven, dedicated to all things beauty related, so check her out and feel free to ask her questions!

As one quick side note, if y'all haven't checked in on the happiness pictures, you just have to! Y'all sent really fabulous pictures! I loved looking at all of them, so thank you! I'll stop now...Without further ado...what you really came here are your summer must-haves....THANKS EM!

When making my list of "must-haves" for this summer, so many products, ideas and trends came to mind. So I thought I would let you know just some of my favorites that I'm using right now.

I know many people have their "signature scent" that they have worn for 15 years, but I like to change it up and tend to trade out my heavy winter scents for a lighter scent for spring/summer. My favorite perfume for this season is the
Jo Malone "Honeysuckle & Jasmine" cologne. It smells so fresh and light, and I honestly get compliments on it all the time. It's not overpowering and most people that try it tend to love it. If you have ever worn Jo Malone perfumes before, you know how well they stay on. So this is my pick for a spring/summer scent.

My next pick would be my favorite face lotion with SPF for summer. It's La Roche-Posay's Anthelios SX with SPF 15. I'm guessing none of you out there have ever even heard of this brand, and they don't sell it in any stores yet in the Austin area. BUT - I think it is worth it It's not too expensive and the bottle has lasted me well over 6 months and I used it every day. It was on Allure magazine's must have list, so I thought I would try it, and I was not disappointed. I tend to have sensitive skin when I wear sunscreen on my face and layout, and this product did not make my skin burn or itch the way some moisturizers do. Their website always has free shipping deals going on, so it doesn't cost you anymore than it would if you could buy it in a store, and you get the convenience of it being delivered. So it's a win-win situation :)

Another moisturizer that is very nourishing is Neutrogena's Ageless Essentials - Continuous Hydration - Night. After a long day in the sun, this stuff makes your skin feel so soft and smooth and you wake up with your skin NOT feeling tight or stretched out. (Is it just me, or does a day in the sun affect my face SO much more than it used to???) I use it every night and have noticed a difference in my skin's hydration. And it's never too early to start taking proper care of your skin!!! ESPECIALLY in the summer when you are outside so much more often.

Speaking of being outside, my new favorite deodorant is Secret's Clinical Strength - Waterproof. It's always been a pet-peeve of mine when I layout or am spending a day at the beach or lake, and feel like I smell like I'm a 15 year old boy who just got out of football practice. I love this stuff. It stays on all day and really works.

One product that 15 year old football players might actually like that I love is Neutrogena's Acne Stress Control Body Wash. Let's admit it. We all sweat more during the summer. Whether it's running on Town Lake, doing yard work, or simply laying out by the pool. We sweat, which causes our pores to clog and some people tend to have breakouts on their back and chests. This stuff is the only stuff (besides prescription products) that really works. Plus, it smells good.

While on the subject of beaches... I LOVE beach hair. The closest thing I've found to get that effect is Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray. If you spray this stuff on mildly damp hair and either let your hair air dry or use a diffuser, this stuff works great. I have very fine hair, and it doesn't curl that easily, but this stuff actually brings out the curl, and it totally smells like the beach. So it's basically like a beach in a bottle.

This spring and summer, the color that seems to be the "it" color for eyes is purple, and personally, I'm loving it. I know some people are a little intimidated by it, but it's all about finding the right purples for you. I've shown a picture of my purple pallet I made a month ago from Bobbi Brown. The colors (from the left) are eggplant, lilac and petal. I know these colors will not work on all, but adding a little splash of purple is a must this season. (even if it's on your nails by wearing OPI's new "Lucky Lucky Lavender")

Using a bronzer is a great way to give you an extra glow when your not able to spend everyday by the pool. Your bronzer should never actually be noticeable, just a subtle way to enhance your complexion. I would recommend getting someone to show you how to apply your bronzer if you aren't sure how. I would also get someone to match you to a color, b/c having a bronzer that it too dark can look muddy or orange, and we all know we don't want that to happen!! The color I love is from Bobbi Brown and it's Aruba. But once again, not everyone will use the same color, so make sure your bronzer goes well with your skin tone.

The last product I want to show you is my all-time favorite summer lotion. It's the only one I have found that truly makes sunburned skin feel better, and can transform parched, dry skin into the softest skin. It's Korres Guava Body Butter. It's found at Sephora and the smell is what you think summer should smell like. It's also my favorite lotion to put on after I shave. I have terribly dry skin, and this stuff has helped my skin not to flake and not get razor burn. It's almost a miracle cream. Anyone that has ever tried it, LOVES it. I bring it on every beach or lake trip, and it's always a hit.

I know there are so many other products and ideas I could talk to you about, but these are some of my summer staples. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! And please let me know what your favorite summer staples are!!

Happy summer everyone!



The Neffs said...

Thanks for sharing! I really liked this post. I am especially interested in the perfume. I love smell good stuff! Have a great weekend.

Kristen said...

Love this - the maven knows her stuff :)

Samantha Levang said...

Good call on the purple eyeshadow! I totally need to pick up a couple more hues to add to the collection

Kathryn said...

"Gorgeous pictures!! They are so great! It won't be long now!!"

Thanks so much! I know hard to believe how fast time has flown!

Thanks for stopping by, cute blog!! :)

Miss S said...

They look great. I love La Roche-Posay's Anthelios SPF60- its soooo super light and awesome SPF protection :)

Vicki said...

Great job Em! Sounds like this could cost Big Daddy big time...can I just borrow :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ohh I haven't tried the Clinical Strength Secret ....

Sara said...

Love the guest post!

I am such a fan of honeysuckle, so I may have to seek out that Jo Malone.

& I always put Bobbi Brown first in the fabulous makeup category. Everything they offer is wonderful.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Jillian said...

I think I will go out and buy that ageless cream!!

Ashley said...

Where did you find the beach hair stuff. I used to use john frieda ocean waves and LOVED it until they discontinued it!

I've been using the Dove Clinical Strentgh (had a coupon) and like it very much

Kristin said...

Surf spray is the bomb diggity. Gives me perfect beachy waves!se

Em Clod said...


If you're in Austin, I usually buy my Bumble & Bumble stuff at Luxe in the Domain, but Bumble & Bumble's website has a store locator so you can plug in your zip code and it will tell you where in your area you can find it!