Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Y'all are so happy and joyful too!

I love the pictures I have gotten so far!

These are from Kristen at Kristen & Co. (She is also my sister. :)

Yes, this is my brother and sister....Kristen said, "halloween - taylor and i w/ our botched party trick. Kid's an animal..."

Our precious nana on a girls' shopping trip...

Kristen said, "Alyssa and I during our 'farewell New York' photo shoot." I love this!!

And finally, Kristen and Robbie talking about who knows what!

The next 2 are from, Katie! Ps...y'all click the link for Katie...she had the most DARLING idea for dinner club and her invitations are amazing!

Here is what she had to say about her photos: "One is self-explanatory. The one of the little boy is when we delivered Christmas stockings to my students one year. This was a brother of one of my students."


The next one is from Rachel. Rachel said, "This is from our wedding on May 26, 2007 (almost 3 years ago!). The photographer, Steven Myers, was trying to take serious pictures of us after the ceremony & in true form, we were trying to make each other laugh. This is one of my favorites of the hundreds we have from our wonderful wedding day." ~ What a stunning bride! And happy 3rd anniversary!

These were submitted by my mom!

Y'all are SO great! Keep 'em coming!!!


The Neffs said...


Katie Norwood said...

Thanks for the shout out T-Rog! I feel famous being on your blog!

Shelby Bukhenik said...

Happiness at its best!

Vicki said...

It's so good to count your blessings and going through pictures makes you remember just how wonderful life really is. To your blog readers I'm sorry my pictures are such bad quality...old people and technology! Love still shines though...can I send more after rearranging???

lane, kelli, canon, and baby ledger said...

what a fun idea! thanks for visiting my blog. yours is too cute! i'll be back :)

Paula Kathlyn said...

This is such a creative idea! The wheels in my head are turning...haha.

In this wonderful life... said...

love the pics!

Tasha said...

Great pics! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree that Letters to Juliet started off kind of slow. I think I liked it so much because I haven't seen a chick flick in forever! I think you and I have the same taste in movies other than that one. Your profile has a bunch of my fav movies too! :-)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love all the pics!!