Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lady Luck...

So I'm not one who is dripping in luck. If there were 25 people present and 24 door prizes yours truly would be going home with nothing but a handful of business cards and regret for trying the sushi. I'm not complaining...the way I look at it is that I came in with nothing and I'm leaving with nothing. No harm no foul. I'm just stating the facts that if I'm your traveling companion we're probably not randomly going to be upgraded to first class or a luxury suite because they just "have an extra one going unused!" At Project Graduation kids were going home with computers and home entertainment systems and I got a laundry basket and laundry detergent....I'm just sayin'.

So you can imagine my surprise when I (or my friends and they just let me share the joy...) just so happened to have won SEVERAL things from a local radio station lately. And by lately I mean in the last year or so. It all started one fateful day when I was driving home from work and I heard an advertisement for one of the local theatre group putting on a production of High School Musical. My beloved radio station, 102.3 The River, was giving out FREE tickets at a Taco Bell totally across town. As (my) luck would have it I was no where near the TB (even though my house was about 5 miles from it) and was not hading home. I would never make it in time. I had to call for backup. Luckily, Bradley was there to save the day and was able to not only get there to get our tickets, but sweet talked them into giving us a total of SIX tickets so we could make a night of it. And boy did we. We had dinner, saw HS Musical, watched the Loj dance in the aisles because she knew EVERY WORD to EVERY SONG. This will explain everything....

My next run-in with lady luck came on October when they had their pet costume contest. A few of you may remember my plea for your votes. Well, it worked! And the very scary spider and Miss Mardi Gras Maggie were the proud winners of a $200 gift card to a local pet store! Rookie is still reaping the benefits.

Next came mom's turn to play her hand at this game of luck. She was driving to tennis and heard Miss Lindsey Kane on the radio. Lindsey is from Austin, a fellow Aggie, and was the worship leader at our church at the time and they were asking trivia questions about her new album. Look at mom being all "in-the-know". She called in, answered the question correctly and won 4 tickets and backstage passes to see Mercy Me! AND, when she got to tennis one of her friends had heard her on the radio. It was like she was a mini-celeb for a minute. Needless to say, the Mercy Me concert was AMAZING and I was beginning to like how the tides had turned in my favor.

Fast forward to last week....Roxanne who is one of the morning co-hosts on my beloved radio station was giving away tickets to the SYTYCD tour that will be in Austin in October! The Loj, being the lady of leisure that she is, played her cards right and won a pair of tickets early in the day and was poised and ready for the round 2 giveaway. We needed both pairs. SO, with a 4pm giveaway Bradley and I were ready and waiting on Twitter for the next question. With only seconds separating us we won the 2nd pair!! So now we can all go see the SYTYCD tour courtesy of the River!

The catch is that you can only win something every 30 days. And now they are giving away family 4 packs of Circus tickets....I would LOVE to go to the circus but I'm maxed out of freaking owning the River for this month. So, if you win will you take me? :)

Thanks The River! You have single handedly helped me see that I am a winner! (Even if as I wrote this I realized I didn't actually win one single thing by myself........) XOXO

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