Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday! And a WINNER!!

***UPDATE: Y'all, not even kidding I went to the outlet mall on Saturday to find a dress for the wedding I went to Saturday night and dresses 2 AND 3 on this post were at the BCBG MaxAZRIA outlet store!! #2 was $70 (!!!) and #3 was $55!!! Bottom line, they are cute, but they are MaxAZRIA dresses and they are at the outlet on super sale!! ModCloth is still selling these bad boys full price!

Well hello Friday! How I've missed you! How I look forward to you from Sunday evening until my eyes open on you, my beloved day of the week. And just because I am so excited it's Friday I have found you some adorable Friday-night-date-night dresses that are sure to WOW! I'm not kidding that I have found my new favorite Summer dress website. Unfortunately they do not sell in is an Internet company. How fitting since I just did an entire post about why I don't shop online!! But that just goes to show just how much I adore these dresses! Without further ado....

I love you Miss Sunshine! Honestly, this is the cutest thing I've seen in a while. If I would have found it before Wednesday and would have had the time to order and receive it I would be wearing it with a smile to the wedding I am going to on Saturday!

And I HAD to put this dress on here because the minute I saw it I thought of my friend Courtney. She loves patterns and colors and I figured this was just right up her alley!

How cute will you be going straight from work to wine tasting in this number? She's called Darling by Day...isn't she though??

And the one that started the whole thing....I saw this dress and was led to the website for Mod Cloth. From there I found tons of great dresses like the one below called Pralines and Creme. How cute is that? Each dress is named something fun like Prep School, the Bow Must Go On and Dancing in Manhattan. It looks to me like I'm about to kick my online shopping up a notch! I'm sure I could live without these dresses, but why would I want to??

And in other fun news....the WINNER is.....drum roll please.... comment #6 which was Courtney! Here is the comment and here is the proof! :)

Courtney said...
I LOVE #2! Classic....

Monday, August 10, 2009

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Congratulations, Courtney! E-mail me at to send me your address. YAY! And with that....Have a fabulous Friday!


Chopsticks and Pearls said...

That's so funny! I ordered the Pralines and Cream and cream dress a few weeks ago from this website! It's super cute!

I also ordered another one that was like the first dress...and it was not great quality and SUPER short...I'm sending it back!

katie newton said...

i LOVE the first dress- just put my name on the backorder list! this is not a good thing. I'm telling Jordan you found this site, not me. You are going to be in so much trouble.

sHw said...

Amazing dresses! I would take one of each in a heartbeat! Sadly, it's going to get cold soon where we live, so adorable dresses are shortlived right now :( Boo! I'm really into trying tights and cute sweater dresses - we'll see how that goes....


sHw said...
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