Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ice Queen...

Last night was round 2 for showing off our new found cake decorating skills and I wouldn't say I did much better than round 1. Bradley, however, made a vast improvement because she actually showed up with her own icing this time. And she only had to take 1.5 hours of vacation to go home early and make it! Bravo!

She really did outdo herself this time because she was not going to let the teacher's pet show her up this time! In fact, she actually said the words, "I'm going to be the teacher's pet this week!" as she pulled her apron out of her goodie bag when she walked into class.

We thought we were SO ahead of the curve since we were a few minutes early and we began our crumb layer before the other students arrived. My goal was to have my entire cake iced and then I would be ready to decorate when we got time at the end of class to actually play with our own cakes. It's always better in my head than it turns out in real life....

Just like last week we spent the entire class learning silly icing tricks like how to make an icing clown and the beginning stages of a rose (which I was pretty terrible at) and we had very little time at the end to actually make our cakes beautiful which is what we all want to spend our time doing! I even found inspiration for my design before class and had taken print outs and everything! So the time read 8:10 and we were given the green light to begin our masterpieces. With only one piping bag and 2 colors of icing needed I was going to be cutting it close.

Now before the big reveal, let me just say that my brown didn't turn out the way I had envisioned it. I didn't want to do black because I hate black icing and what it does to your teeth, so I opted to use brown. I was thinking it would be a bit more of a rich brown....instead it's more of a "mucky" brown. In all I think this cake is an improvement over last week, but I'll keep trying!

Bradley, on the other hand, used her new "border" skill and did a fine job on her chopsticks. :)
Next week is our last class and I really feel like I have something special in me. I might even practice my roses this weekend so I'm all set and ready to go on Tuesday!

PS...if you need a good laugh read mom's posts on I'm not even kidding that drama follows her! Finally, I leave you with this exchange from last night:

"Do I have this all over my back?" ~Bradley

"What? The icing??" ~Me

"Yeah. Last week I had it all over me and I don't want to sit up against my car seats if it's on my back." ~ Bradley

Me wondering how in the WORLD you could get icing on your back. Then remembering with her, anything is possible.


Courtney said...

Your cake looks so great!!!

katie newton said...

Stop it right now!!! Your cake looks freakin' awesome... I mean, its no race track though. :):):) LOL!!! ONLY KIDDING!!! I could never do something like this! Seriously, you must post how you are really supposed to ice a cake... mine are horrible and I say bad words while doing it.

keely said...

The cakes look great! And I'm crying-laughing from the icing comment!