Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The date is set and I am SO excited!! Miss O (my sister...) finally found out this morning that we get our tickets to see Oprah on March 12th!! Girl's trip 2009 is officially SET!

For those that didn't hear my shouts of excitement back in January, Kristen gave mom her dream come true for her 50th birthday and we get to come along...we're going to see the Big O! Mom, Nana, Kristen and I will be taking a trip to see Miss Oprah and go to a taping of the show. Ohhhhhh how I hope it's her favorite things....but I'll settle for Clooney or Pitt or Julia or Reese and Jake! (With my luck it will be Internet predators or the salmonella outbreak...both of which I'm sure would be fascinating...not to be misconstrued as ungratefulness...No sir! No complaints here.)

I wonder what she looks like in person?? I wonder if I'll pack my new digital camera and Williams-Sonoma mixing bowls or if I'll just ship all of my awarded goodies together? I wonder if Oprah and I will run into each other in the hall and get to talking and laughing and become instant buddies, and then she'll ask us to stay and have dinner and giggles with her and Gayle? I wonder what I'm gonna WEAR????

Queen O

Traveling buddies...


lesli said...

how fun! if you need any chicago suggestions you MUST ask Christina for them and I'd highly recommend staying at her hotel. It's fabulous and a fantastic location. It's called Hotel Sax Chicago. It's perfect for you fabu, glamorous girls!

and Oprah! Go girl! Can't wait to see your pictures and hear your stories.

kristin fulghum said...

oh my goodness! you are so lucky. i hope you have something a little more exciting than internet predators. i also hope you become instant bff with O. can't wait to hear all about it.

katie newton said...

to repeat my comment about the doggie b-day party.... oh.my.gosh.

you are literally living out one of my all time dreams!!!!!!!!!!!! SO UNBELIEVABLY JEALOUS!!!

roxiebluemartin said...

i am so confused...people are always saying vicki and i are like sisters, and you and kristin always call me auntie, and i do believe i have heard nana refer to me as her "older" daughter, so why the heck am i not in the picture, don't you worry, i have not had my feelings hurt, i am packing my bags as we speak, and ready to go with the GIRLS--- what fun we are going to have. always, roxie