Saturday, February 14, 2009

mean people suck.

My mom is going to hate the title of this post. She hates the "S" word and she doesn't like little girls with "potty mouths", but when you hear this story you'll know it had to be said.

I've had a long, hard week at work. This is not a "woe is me" moment, it's fine, it's not always this way and it will all be over soon. But there have been late nights worked this week and a lot of lost sleep as I sit in bed thinking of all of my to-do's, and my mind races and my heart beats fast. The last few days at work have been super productive and I actually left work yesterday at a normal time and went on a nice date with my fabulous hubby. I came home, got ready for bed, thanked the Lord for a truly great day and I was fast asleep. Not one little vision of conference danced in my head. Insert mean people.

At 3:32am my cell phone starts to ring. I jump up from my intoxicating sleep, glance at the clock, realize what time it is, run to grab the phone and just as I pick it up....nothing. It was my sister. My sister lives in NYC, so it's 4:32am there. Instantly, I channel my mother saying, "Nothing good ever happens after midnight!" and a twinge of fear enters my gut. No big deal, I call her right back. *Ringing*. *Voicemail*. I don't want voicemail. I want you to pick-up. You JUST called me and it's 4:30 in the morning. What else are you doing?? So I wait a couple of minutes and I dial her back. Nothing. I shoot a text saying, "R U ok? Give me a quick call since I'm a bit worried." About 10 minutes later I get a text. It reads, "...". Are you freaking kidding me?? Sheer panic rises. I hope you don't think I'm overreacting here.

My sister and her roommates (one of which is my will become vitally important later) went out last night to celebrate Alyssa's (the other roomie) birthday. I knew they were going out, I knew they were with a group and I knew they were taking cabs. I started to wonder if she wanted to go home and no one else did and if she set out on her own and.....and then I'm getting blank phone calls and text messages that say, "....". So I make the executive decision to call Kate (SIL) at what is now 4:ooam (5am in NYC). Kate answers the phone and is asleep. I ask her if Kristen is home. "Yes, why?" Praise the Lord. Honestly, and immediately, I praised the Lord. I was about to go start looking on Fox News. I explained to Kate the cell phone situation and she immediately started the, "You have got to be kidding me!!" No, I certainly was NOT kidding at 4:00am in the middle of my REM cycle.

Kate explains that Kristen lost her phone and they had called it numerous times and the "person" that now has her phone had been answering and hanging up. I am marked "Sister" in Kristen's phone as that is what I'm lovingly called, and I guess he thought he would play a really crappy Friday the 13th joke on little ol', unsuspecting, gullible, overreacting me. How rude!! Honestly!! Who on earth does that?? Especially when cell phones are our lively hood and I would have sat there all night wondering and worrying had I not had Kate to call and bother from her sleep.

Bottom line, God is good and everyone is safe. And to the mean person who has my sister's phone...get a life! Don't do that to people! It is totally cruel. Oh, and on a side note, I began to wonder if he had done the same to my mom and dad since they are marked, "mom and dad" in her cell. I knew if he had, mom would totally need a straight jacket and a vodka tonic. So I gently texed messages my brother and my mom and dad and informed them that Kristen was, in fact, at home, in bed and safe. And some mean man has her phone and wants to play sick jokes. Mission accomplished, but no sleep regained. :( Oh well, there's always tonight!

* PS...Happy Valentine's day!! I had a great date with my hubby last night and he bought me some GORGEOUS tulips! I'll share later. XOXO

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