Monday, February 2, 2009

Just call me Tony!

I found YOU a dog! Oh my gosh, you're so lucky! That's right, if you're reading this, please, please consider adopting Anthony. You could totally change his name. I literally avoid PetSmart and Petco on the weekends, but there was no escaping on Saturday. I made the irreversible decision to run to Hobby Lobby on Saturday completely neglecting the important fact that it is located right by Petco. I had barely turned the corner and I saw the cages and the sweet little faces desperately needing a home. So, like any gluten for punishment I parked my car and headed over to check out the dogs up for adoption. There were tons of precious puppies. I couldn't believe it. I usually don't see a full liter of puppies at the adoption centers...anyway, they were causing quite a stir! Everyone wanted to see the puppies and adopt the puppies and were in love with the puppies! That's when I noticed Anthony....

I want to stop right here and interject this....please don't get me wrong....I hope every one of those puppies were adopted! They need loving homes too, but sweet Anthony was totally lost in the shuffle. I went over to his pen that he was being kept in and he was just sitting, being the good boy that he is. He is so sweet, never made a peep and was just watching what was going on. My heart broke. Ask my mom, I sobbed in her living room (I might have a problem). It literally broke my heart that scads of people were swarming around the puppies. Holding them, petting them, loving them and taking them home. No one was over loving Anthony and making a fuss over him. I wanted him so badly and let me tell you (and my husband because I know he is reading this...) I was a centimeter away from signing those adoption papers, paying my re-homing fee and bringing Tony home. He and Rookie would have gotten along swell! But when I called my husband, he explained how this is not the time for us and a new family member. We will be gone all Spring making trips to New Orleans to see my brother. We take Rookie to my parents and drop him off and we just can't expect them to keep TWO dogs. They already have 2 themselves. So, this is where I hope and pray that one of you is looking for a precious boy to complete your family! He is 5 years old, neutered, sweet, quiet, a little bit shy right now. The foster parent rescued him from Bastrop animal shelter and said he has already come out of his shell a lot more, but he is not a hyperactive dog. He is pretty small, about 20 lbs. I have taken pictures! He looks like a beagle mostly, but he has some other stuff mixed in. If you are interested, please call Mac McGregor at 512-739-9877 or . The website is I can't wait to hear Anthony's success story!

Look at this precious face!!

Here he is watching people walk up to all the other dogs...This is a good picture to show his size.
Sweet as can be....

Now, finally, the reason I went to Hobby Lobby...I did a little art project on my wall at home....what do you think??

Have a great week!


kate said...

He looks like he has some Beagle in him. My eyes are literally tearing up. Ughh, soft spot!! Does he want to come play in NY?

Kristen said...

Get serious Kate...we can barely feed ourselves. Tiffany, seriously stay away from Petco.

Laura said... know me and dogs! I hate getting these emails and pictures...but all that know me always send them my way. I have to be strong and say NO...for the good of my sanity and marriage...but what a DOLL!! Let me know if you find a home for him! ...oh yes...and I love the art project!

Kim said...

Hey Tiffany- I'm so sorry I'm just now responding to your comment! Thanks for the info. about this sweet dog- he is really cute and we wish we could just adopt every dog that needs a home! But... we have decided that we can't handle a 2nd dog either! Thanks for the comment though and I'm glad to have your blog- I'll have to keep up!