Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Randoms...

People are so funny in their passions and affections. My mom is a Diet Coke drinker addict and will literally walk out of a restaurant if they are a Pepsi property. I've been there and done that as her dining companion. She'll apologize profusely, admit her need for a Diet Coke and the fact that no substitute will do, and we will move onward and upward to Coca-Cola product bearing establishments.

Coffee drinkers...y'all are funny, too.
  • "I drink coffee all morning but never past noon."
  • "I have 2 cups of caffeinated coffee first thing in the morning and then switch to decaf for the rest of the day."
  • "I spend 1 kabillion dollars at Starbucks a week." - Ok, I made that one up. But it's true! Some of you do.
My brother drinks it religiously, my husband drinks it religiously, my co-workers literally can't function until it hits their veins. I can totally take it or leave it. I basically drink milk with a dash of coffee when I drink it anyways. All that to say, I'm not sure what took me so long but I recently discovered a taste for iced coffee! When we visited my brother 2 weeks ago in CA, he took me to his all-time favorite coffee shop and got me a "mint-mojito iced coffee". I love me some mint so he had me at hello. It was delicious, refreshing, and I have been making them at work this week.

In other random news...I started Beth Moore's study of James: Mercy Triumphs this week. I am so honored to be studying this with my mom and very close friends for the next 8 weeks. We have watched the first video and I have done 1 day of homework and I can already tell you I am going to LOVE it! I think God is going to teach me so much thorugh this study.
Last night I got to watch Taylor pitch on the computer! When he plays at home his games are on TV. He has literally been the king of road starts this season. It seems his day in the rotation always hits on a road game! We were glad he finally got a home game so we could watch...He looked great, got the win, and I got to bed at 11:30. Dang west coast!

Last but not least...this one's for you! How stinkin' cute is this handbag? You guys know I have an affinity for gold. It's on sale at JCrew right this very minute. Go get it.
Happy hump day, friends!


Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

I am a diet coke girl and coffee addict! I usually switch from coffee to diet coke at noon - haha:)

Maggie said...

So funny about your mom... my husband is the same way! It has been hard transitioning from Atlanta (Coca Cola HQ's) to Durham (Pepsi central)!

Lauren said...

my tastebuds never developed a taste for coffee, although I do love the smell of it!

Love that bag..wish I had room in my budget for a fun new summer bag like that!

Esmer said...

I do NOT spend a kabillion dollars at Starbucks every week. Only 1/2 a kabillion! :)
PS Welcome to the lovely land of the coffee bean!

katie newton said...

I. NEED. J crew bag. :)

ALso, I just finished James last semester (do you like how I talk like I"m still in college ?) and it was AWESOME!!! You have to stay committed, I may have missed a few days, er weeks, but it was still super super great.

BTW- is it ok to say as a married woman that your brother is a hottie?

ALso, are you watching Emily? I have seen ZILCH comments from you this season. ??? Ge on the boat!

:):) XOXO

melissa said...

Sadly, I am both a Diet Coke and coffee addict. I try to brew coffee at home or drink the junk they brew at the office and only stop by Starbucks as a treat but sometimes the temptation gets me! About once or twice a week. :)

And Diet Pepsi is just gross. I'm with your mom. If the restaurant has Pepsi it's already suspect and I'm definitely ordering water.

So exciting to watch your brother pitch! Love seeing that Giants uniform!