Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Road Trip....

Dave and I took a 24 hour road trip to Houston this weekend for my friend Molly's wedding. It was a fun wedding, she was a beautiful bride, and I had a fabulous time catching up with college friends!

Highlights of the evening include but aren't limited to: Paciugo gelato (I got 1/2 wedding cake and 1/2 mint chocolate), dancing to "Beat It" completely solo (loser friends who sat there and watched me! At least the minister's wife wanted to learn it. She's a trooper!), my new Abilene BFF- Shannon, 6'6" Morgan behind (above) me during the send off and dripping bubbles in my hair, hysterical conversations on the way home as Dave recounted the evening meeting college friends of mine.

 Meredith, me and Courtney. We have been BFF basically since day 1 of college. We all went to Meredith's home freshman year and met her parents and they just couldn't believe that a blonde, a redhead and a brunette had become friends. Haha! They always talked about our hair.

 PC '99! Represent! That makes me feel SO old....We are so last century.

I loved their groom's cake! Where they grew up, went to college, met, and where their first home is.

It was such a fun weekend. I love big events that bring groups of friends together. Here's to your happily ever after Mr. and Mrs. Evans!

Dave and I were playing a game in the car on the way down there. I would say a name and we went back and forth thinking of as many famous people with that name as possible. Whoever thought of the last name got a point. The next round the other person picked the name and so forth. We were on "Jennifer".

Dave: "JLO"
Me: "Jennifer Garner"
We went through Aniston, Connelly, Hudson, Love Hewitt, Grey...and then, without missing a beat...
Dave: "Jennifer of Whales."
Me: "Excuse me?"
Dave: *enunciating with assurance and authority* "JENNIFER OF WHALES"

Funny, I haven't heard of her.  Nice try.


Jessica said...

The grooms cake is so cute!!

Jordan Cole said...

I LOVED your dress! What a nice evening to share with friends!

Natasha said...

LOVE your dress my dear!!! looks like yall had a great time

Liz said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That just made my whole entire day. Freaking awesome, Dave.

Katie and Justin Cox said...

Catching up on your "goings-ons"... some exciting stuff! BUT I had to stop and tell you how fabulous you look in that dress! All of your clothes really... I think you might need to do a post all about where you buy your adorable clothes! I would love it! :) And LOVE the gold purses! So, so funny!

Emily said...

Dave totally got up to watch the royal wedding last year, didn't he? ;)

Those flowers in the background are gorgeous, and so is your dress!