Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Randoms....

I was trying to thing of a clever way to intro this post but it's so random that I really have zero way of tying it all together. This is a little bit of lately in the Mendenhall house... (And if you follow me on instagram you've probably seen some of these.)

How precious is my Nana (aka: Teeny)? I had an overnight trip for work and my mom and Nana came to stay the night with me. They relaxed out by the pool for a bit.

My mom has this in her house and I love it. I've told y'all of my Papa's love for baseball. He was a ballplayer his whole life and he always told my brother about his "cousin Tommy" who was his high school teammate and a phenom. Interestingly enough, we were looking through Papa's yearbook and it was written that my Papa was, "the best ballplayer to come through Crosier Tech High School." He always left that part out. :) Papa always reminded Taylor that he, "came from a long line of ballplayers." I love these photos of my Papa, my dad and my brother.

 The Pool's open for summer! Rookie and the Gyllenhaal's chillin'. Talk about some divas!

I am loving these Essie pinks for summer! Camera is on the left and Lights is on the right.

 I had to crack up when I looked down at church on Sunday and my mom, my Nana, and my handbags were sitting side by side. Notice a common theme? I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree! But really, who doesn't love a gold bag?

 Dave and I went to the Spur's game on Sunday night and had so much fun! It turned out a little better than last night's game so we're hoping Timmy D and Tony P can channel game 1 and game 2 for game 4!

I've added these PJs to my wish list. How cute are they?

And finally...It's already hot in Texas and I can't stop drinking tea. Liz turned me on to my new favorite blend. My tea maker makes 3 quarts so you can adjust accordingly: 3 family size regular tea bags + 2 Orange Spice tea bags. You're welcome! No's so good. And for some weird reason this doesn't taste citrusy to me. I mostly just taste a bit of cinnamon and goodness. I added a few fresh mint leaves to mine because I bought mint at the Farmer's Market 2 weeks ago and (amazingly) still haven't killed it. It was delicious!

If you read this craziness to the end you are such a trooper! Happy weekend friends!


Sweet Simplicity said...

The three gold purses are cracking me up! The baseball pictures are so sweet and sentimental.

KatiePerk said...

Love the bags!! Those pj's are adorable.

Pray~and~Wait said...

I LOVE that your dogs swim and enjoy the pool! Sometimes, I actually take a moment to be in awe of God and his creation of our "kids". They are full of personality! :) Yours are so cute and it cracks me up they love their pool time!!!

And, I'm gonna have to try that tea recipe!!!! :)

Sarah O said...

Those pjs are so cute and I love the new nail polish shades. The tea recipe sounds perfect for a hot southern afternoon.

Lauren said...

Love the nail polish colors and those pj's! It's been way too long since I bought some cute pj's for myself!

Liz said...

YESSSS! My tea is making the rounds throughout the earth! So dang good. I'm gonna go get some right now.

Emily said...
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Emily said...

I meant to comment on how stunning your grandmother is a few posts back!

And my mom, Grannie, and I would fit right in with you ladies. We are gold purse girls. Gold is my neutral!