Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"SUPER" Fun Giveaway!

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In case you haven't heard, there's a pretty big football game this weekend! Saints vs. Colts, Colts vs. Saints....however you want to say it. I'm personally rooting for the Saints. I do love me some Payton Manning though. Who else can almost steal the show when appearing in a commercial with Justin Timberlake?? I think he's hilarious. But this time, I do have to pull for the Saints. My friend Bradley has tons of family in New Orleans, and you all know my brother spent several good years at Tulane University, so I've spent my fair share of time in NOLA and I love it! I am so glad the city is celebrating alongside it's football team. So much life has been breathed into the city because of the Saints and I think it's high time the French Quarter goes crazy over a Super Bowl win! Only time will tell....

The Super Bowl comes once a year and with it comes hopes of great commercials, fun parties and great halftime shows. I know we'll have a par-tay this year since Bradley and James are hosting and Lynch and Ryan are making the gumbo! Sign me up!!

So the question is, are you hosting or are you a guest? Are you cooking or are you in charge of beverages? We'd all like to know! Last year I shared a few of my favorite "game day" recipes, and I will be sharing a few more this year! I'd like you to join in!

This is where the giveaway comes in....on Friday, I am going to post a "SUPER HOST" blog in honor of the Super Bowl, and I will post a McLinky. Tell us your favorite recipes, signature cocktails, great party decoration ideas, whatever ideas you have to throw the perfect party! Everyone that posts and links to your blog will be entered to win the giveaway! (Your link on McLinky is your entry)

The Super Bowl winner will be decided on Sunday night and the "Super Host" giveaway winner will be announced on Monday. The winner will receive some darling PJs and my current favorite OPI nail color! I don't have a picture of the PJs, because I will be buying the winner the size you need (S, M, L).

So put your thinking cap on and spread the word! We'll all get some great ideas and great recipes out of the deal! Hurry up FRIDAY!!


brown eyed girl said...

I will totally participate! I have been working on posting my menu on the blog all morning! Yayy for this!!!

Sarah Mina said...

sounds like fun! i am a guest for super bowl this year but will be hosting another event next weekend for valentine's day :)

Annie said...

Fun! I love super bowl sunday...and all of the good food that comes along with it :)