Monday, June 29, 2009

What are the odds??

HEEEYYY!! I'm back in the US and no longer have the option of crepes and ice cream between the hours of 5 and 10pm. Outside of the potentially hazardous encounter with our first rooming assignment, and my unfavorable bodily reaction to all food in Mexico, I had an AMAZING time with my friends and a post will be coming soon! But first, you all knew that I would have to make mention of the very ironic (and very sad) fact that Michael Jackson died while we were on Decade of Friendship. I mean, was like it was written that we would all be together when he died.

For those that don't know us, we basically base our friendship on the fact that we learned the dance to "Beat It" during one of our (many) dance parties and we have since embarrassed ourselves at countless weddings, date parties, random bars and garden parties by busting out our version of the classic routine. Others laugh at us and we pretend they're laughing with us and that we're super cool.

I will also point out that we, with we being the 6 of us on the trip, received countless facebook messages, text messages and e-mails pointing out how fitting the timing was.....I'm just saying....what are the odds?? Might I point out the quote at the bottom of my last post....

"I'm just going to say that it is really fitting that Michael died while we are on Decade of Friendship. He knew we would all want to be together for support." ~ Lynch



allison said...

Um, looove it! I'm just so glad that we're going to be around to watch the coverage of the funeral, or whatever they are doing. Otherwise you could have probably found us all huddled together on our four poster beds wearing all black while watching the TV coverage in Mexico.

It's astounding what 60 dollars will get you :)

kristin fulghum said...

can't wait for those pics!!

Elicia said...

That is pretty fitting. I hope you all did a little dance for him on your vacay!