Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Decade of Friendship....Mexico or bust!

Growing up I had several moms. I had my real mom, of course, who I love beyond measure, but I also had her very best friends....the trusted inner circle to answer to. We grew up with their families, we spent holidays together and by all accounts they were (and still are) our extended family. I always watched my mom with her friends and I was in awe at the bond they had. They have known each other their whole lives and there are very few memories they don't share. They know each other's first boy friend, first kiss, first car....they shared rides to drill team and had sleepovers. They know and love each other's parents because they grew up abiding by all of their rules depending on whose house they were at for the day. They were in each other's weddings, they were the first to be called when mom found out she was expecting, they are the first to be called when our family has faced joy and they are the first to be called when our family faced trials and deeply hard times. It's a bond of friendship, love, loyalty, respect and family.

I've always thought this bond that my mom and her friends share is so rare. And honestly, it is. To think of the years and the events and the day-to-day living of their individual lives...it's tough to maintain such close friendships, but it was worth it to them, and so it continues.

10 years ago I left for college knowing not.one.person. at Texas A&M University. I had no idea that I would meet so many wonderful women that I am still close friends with today. God blessed me with amazing, God fearing, FUN, down to earth, laugh out loud, praying, teaching, CUTE friends and I just wonder what on earth I did to deserve that kind of blessing. I didn't just get one friend like that, but I got many. I like to think that we are building friendships to be like my mom and her friends. To know and love each other's children. That hopefully we will be able to raise our children together and allow them the joys of multiple mothers. :)

This week I am hyped to be going on a girl's trip with 5 of those amazing friends. This is our "Decade of Friendship"! We have been talking about this for years and the time has finally come! We plan on eating our weight in chips and guacamole, laying out until we all come back bronze babes (or they come back bronze babes....I will come back a red lobster), laughing until we surely cry, knowing even more about each other than we already do, apparently reading 5 books each (if you could only see the e-mail exchange with the number of books the Loj is bringing....there is NO way we will make the 50 lb. weight limit for our bags...), and having the time of our lives celebrating our friendship.

Now, this seemed totally deep, and I truly mean everything I have said, but if you only knew the Loj and Bradley, you would know just how much fun we have. My stories upon my return will not be quite so mushy and lovey, but filled with "No she di-int!" and plenty of pictures as blackmail! I love these girls!

Hey girls, wanna go to Mexico today?? Woo-hoo!! Decade of Friendship is finally here!!!
From Left to Right Below: Allison- AKA Bradley, me, Liz- AKA The Loj, Allison- AKA Lynch, Laura- AKA L-Merc and Robyn- AKA Reams.

"Has anyone looked on their website and noticed that there are 'THEME NIGHTS WITH COMPETITIONS AND PRIZES.' ???!!!!
Dear Lord, please let there be a karaoke theme night and let us do Beat It or Oops I Did It Again and win prizes. Thank you and Amen." ~ An actual group e-mail I received about 20 minutes ago from The Loj


Liz said...

We will make our weight limit.... we just have to pack only a swimsuit, coverup and flips and fill the rest with books. Or, BETTER YET, WEAR our swimsuits and coverups on the plane and stuff our bags FULL of books. Duh, Liz. Why di-in't I think of this sooner??

Liz said...

p.s. just so everyone knows.... Bradley was so excited about DOF that she FORGOT about jury duty yesterday. Straight up missed it.

katie newton said...

I am soooooooo jealous its not even funny. Thats all I have to say about that. Oh, and please tell me you are packing the Twilight series if you haven't yet indulged. Its sinful.

Vicki said...

HaHa..let the stories begin! When you girls hit Mexico, swine flu will be a blip on the radar :)
Buenos Dias Senoritas!

keely said...

You girls are so fun! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Kate and Zach said...

I am wondering if y'all are doing "beat it" in honor of MJ... How sad!!!

Hope you girls are having fun!