Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trunk Show Fun!

I had such fun hosting a trunk show for The Beaufort Bonnet Company last week. I think the best part was trying things on my tiny models as I shopped for myself! I had a couple of friends who couldn't make it and they wanted photos of several items so they could order for their kids, so we had a completely chaotic time trying things on P&C! In the process I realized I DIE over these robes! I would have never thought to get one for them in a million years but they absolutely loved them and they could not have looked cuter. 

This is what Caroline is getting. I just die over this Callahan Cloak. I got it a tad big so she can hopefully wear it a couple of seasons. (Don't you love the modeling over her PJs? We're nothing if not classy!)

HOW CUTE is this pom pom hat?? Just the absolute cutest. Once again with the pjs....sorry!

I fell in love with this color block jumper on C. Throw a monogram on there and you have your Christmas card outfit. OR, I'm fairly obsessed with the pink and pumpkin color block jumper. Pumpkin patch pics- check!

Speaking of Christmas card pics- The boys are covered too with the Lawson Longall!

And just because it makes me sentimental, here is their seersucker Bow swaddle modeled by my itty babies. HOW have they grown so fast?? They used these swaddle blankets for at least 6 months and then they are gorgeous keepsakes. Now Caroline swaddles her baby doll in it. Time does fly!

The Beaufort Bonnet Company has beautiful items! They have game day bonnets, wonderful gifts, and they have some darling summer items on super sale!! If you shop online please use the code "FALL TS" (trunk show) and put my name- Tiffany Mendenhall- in the notes section. Happy shopping!!


Nat said...

I'm dying over P&C in those robes!! So cute!!

bridgeadvisorsllc said...
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Anonymous said...

Where did you get those adorable little chairs?

Emily Gentry said...

Could they BE any cuter in those robes? Mercy!

I've been looking at the Callahan and can't decide on sizing. What size are you getting C, and are you monogramming? This might sound ridiculous, but it seems like an heirloom piece, so I'm not sure I want to monogram.