Thursday, August 7, 2014

Food Truck Tuesday...

We had a super impromptu and super fun dinner last Tuesday. Food trucks from across the city gather at the Long Center on the last Tuesday of the month and there is live music, so we decided to take our crew. It started out as my sister and I taking the kids, then Dave said he could meet us after work, Nana is always in for an adventure, and we told mom and Taylor as they were driving in from New Orleans. They are total troopers who drove straight there on their way into town. It was lots of fun, the kids had an absolute blast (Caroline slept until 9:50 the next morning!!), the food was great, and somehow it was only 87 degrees in late July! 

Reason number 56,482 that we love Austin!!

Rare sibling pic. Love these two.

Picnic in the park! They were fans.

This one. Y'all....she didn't stop. She walked around the.entire.time. Said "hi" and waved to every dog. Pet the ones she could, ate her dinner and some of ours, danced to the live music...It was her super bowl. Ha!

And then she was a zombie! So, so, so tired!

 So much fun! And we will do it again for sure. I should have taken a  family photo at the beginning and not the end. They were too tired to smile. :)

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