Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pretty as a Peacock...

 Our summer of exploration lead us to Mayfield Park a couple of weeks ago. Aunt Kristen went with us and we had a ball. There was an art class going on and there were teenagers spread throughout the park drawing and painting. P&C loved watching them. Peacocks roam around the grounds and the kids were in awe. They splashed in the lily pads, giggled while Kristen blew bubbles, and walked around the gardens.

We also saw a woman dressed in her wedding gown taking bridal portraits. We spoke with her and she was getting ready to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary! She never had professional bridal portraits taken when they originally got married so she was there, with her teenage daughter, taking photos for her husband. I thought it was really fun that her daughter was able to see her mom in her wedding gown. So special.

I'm having so much fun exploring our city with these two little people. It's new to me, it's new to them, and I just love watching them learn and have fun.

So many squeals and giggles!! We love bubbles!