Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things: Summer Edition

It's officially summer in Texas! We're a few sno-cones in and we're pretty thrilled that it's still in the 90's. Now that we're in full swing I've noticed a trend in our days and already realized a few of my favorite things for the summer. They are things that make life easier, more enjoyable, or are just products I'm loving!

My jelly jacks and G&G. These jellies are great for pool shoes. They can get wet, muddy, dirty, and they just wipe right off. And hurry, because Nordstrom has their Jr. Jelly on sale for $33! Seriously, you can't beat that. Garden and Gun is my absolute favorite magazine. I read it cover to cover. Great editorials, fun gift ideas, and it's unisex. There have been tons of articles that I have bookmarked for Dave to read. 

My Land's End large tote bag. I got the one that zips and I love it! It stands on its own, has pockets, is so durable, and has plenty of room to carry all I need.

I have the makeup maven, Emily, to thank for this one. I was loyal to SkinCeutical products until Emily introduced me to this amazing face wash. I absolutely love it. My fave feels so clean and I have seen rejuvenation in my skin since starting using it 6 weeks ago. 

Bumble and Bumble Straight products are fabulous. I use this after every hair wash and it absolutely tames some of the curl and frizz of my wacky hair. I got this Rodan + Fields Sunless Tan and it's awesome. I'm not going to lie and say that it has no scent, but as a very fare complected person who has used just about every sunless tanning product on the market I can absolutely say this smells the least. It gives a great color, is super easy to use, and I don't feel like the odor is a factor. 

P&C's Step 2 pool! My parent's gave them this for their birthday and they LOVE it!! This is our after-nap activity several days a week and it's great. It fills up fast, stores easily in the side of our house, and is so shallow that I can handle them both playing with just me here and not worry.

JJ Cole outdoor blanket. This thing stays in my car and goes absolutely everywhere with us. Probably the most used item currently. Grass, sticks and dirt don't stick to it so it's so easy to spread out for the kids to play. They love to be outside and we take toys out at least once a day and sit outside, so this blanket couldn't be easier. They eat on it and it washes right off. Winner!!

  These two cool cats are loving their summer and we hope you are too! What are some of your favorite/must have summer items? Let me know!!


melissa said...

Those jelly jacks are cute! And I definitely need to try that cleanser. My skin has been a MESS lately. P & C are too cute in their kiddie pool! Have a great weekend!

Esmer said...

I love that C has a different swimsuit in each of her pool pics! Style maven in the making!

Liz said...

I thought I posted a comment, but I don't think it worked?!

I am SO very far behind on blogs. I absolutely love this. I got the same face wash because of makeup maven and I like it but it hasn't changed my life... but I also use like 4 face washes in a rotation depending on my mood. So.... that's probably why.

I'm going to google that blanket IMMEDIATELY.

My summer must-haves... books, my walking stroller and milkshakes. Obviously.