Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Friday....But Sunday's Comin'

I love holidays! Decorating the house with hearts, American flags, pumpkins, Christmas Trees, Easter eggs and bunnies...gathering with family, traditions, the inevitable family photo wearing white and denim...Every holiday brings it's own set of standards and traditions and we stick to it. I have favorite holidays for different reasons. I love the 4th of July because it is so wholesome to me. Families gathering, grilling out, spending time together, swimming, sno cones...patriotic music, fireworks, singing "I'm Proud to Be an American" at the top of our lungs in fits of laughter. Christmas...the smells, the lights, my parent's home filled with trees in every room, my Nana's "green stuff" after Christmas Eve service and dinner, the Birth of Christ. Each holiday has it's high points. But to me, as a Christian, Easter is the most important.

It's not the eggs, the bunnies, the adorable kids in their Easter outfits sitting in Texas bluebonnets (though I do LOVE that!!)'s the fact that because of 3 days in our history...because a man, a blameless, sinless man, was born, healed people, loved people, taught people, died for people and ultimately saved us all.

I'm a child of God. Christ died for me, for my sin, for your sin and I live my life with hope and assurance because of His sacrifice. Easter is about the celebration not just that Jesus died for my sin, but that he rose from the dead and is alive! I'm saved from my sin because he died. But I am filled with hope because he is alive!

This video is amazing (and short). Take the time to watch it. It's a short clip from a pastor in Philadelphia and they've set in clips from the Passion.

It's Friday....But Sunday's Comin'!

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Callie Nicole said...

I completely agree about Easter being the most important - because of Jesus' death and Resurrection we are saved! Nothing better than that. :-) Hope you have a beautiful Easter!