Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yeah, real glamorous!

Of course life is glamorous and fabulous....so glamorous am I that yesterday, I could barely button my pants! Yep. You read that right. I got up, realized all of my "everyday" type pants were dirty and grabbed a pair that I haven't worn in a while. A while being 3 months or so....not 3 years! I grabbed said pair of pants, went upstairs, ironed them and then had approximately 30 seconds to get dressed and get out the door since Dave was standing by the front door tapping his foot....I was nearing AIS time!

*Insert comment: Have you ever seen the Everybody Loves Raymond episode where Ray tells Deborah she is always late and he hates to be late? They decide they will have an ETD (estimated departure time) but then an AIS time...ass in seat. Love it. Ray had a benefit that night and Deborah promised to be on time. They decided their AIS time, and if Deborah wasn't there, he had full permission to leave her...Ray and Deborah have a very similar story to Dave and Tiffany.....back to my story.....

So, I ran downstairs after ironing my clothes and threw on my pants. One MAY-JA problem...they were approximately one inch away from zipping. You think I'm joking. I literally squeeze myself into the pants because there was NO time for ironing a new outfit, and me and my muffin top head out the door. I was already in pain after .2 seconds and the thought of my button popping off the minute I sat down was running through my head.

By the grace of God and some seriously strong thread my button managed to stay fastened to my busting belt line, but right then and there I decided to turn over a new leaf. I got home from work, peeled off my painted on pants and went for a walk! They say if you do something 27 times it becomes a habit....only 26 more days...oh joy.... :)

Although I am not proud of my moment of awakening, I figure if I accept my issue of shrinking clothes, and say it out loud (or write it in cyberspace), then I might have a better chance of actually making it work this time....so here's to honesty among friends.

Wish me luck....and self control! Here goes nothin'!

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Babs said...

t-rog, you kill me. i'm ALWAYS up for walking/running town lake, so let me know if you ever want to go! OR we could do a couple miles in your new neighborhood???? just a thought :) oh, and i just read that rookie post and the santa claus in the one picture might give me nightmares tonight. love ya!