Monday, February 17, 2014


 I have come to the conclusion that it's darn near impossible to get a photo of both of my children smiling and looking at me. Caroline is like a worm on a hot rock! That girl moves non-stop. Parker is a tad more cooperative but he looks at me like I've lost my mind when I'm fake sneezing, dancing around, and breaking a full sweat to try to make him laugh. Add in that they're both crawling and it's a lost cause! 

Nonetheless, looking through the 200 photos I take to try to get ONE of my darling children that I could possibly frame always results in laughter. These are a few of my favorites from their post-church-we're 9 months old- impromptu photo shoot. 

C isn't looking at me, she's laughing at daddy, but this is still a favorite. Anytime I catch them holding hands on camera it's a win. I love those tiny hands and pray they'll always be best friends. 

Y'all. This child. These were taken in about 4 seconds. Apparently she thought she was on a cover shoot.

P wore daddy's sweater to church. Just the cutest thing in the world!

He's pretty much putty in her hands. 

These little people keep me moving and are my greatest joy. Their 9 months has quickly turned to 10! Babies don't keep.


Sara said...

I can't get over how cute these two are and how much they look like the perfect combination of both of you guys. Good luck with future photo shoots. I wish I knew some magic to get them to look at the camera. One kid is impossible, I can't imagine trying to get two to cooperate! You're doing awesome though. The photos are wonderful!

Diaper Bags said...

When I was little I looked just like that boy. Very cute he is. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us. It felt like a fresh breeze to know people like you. Keep rocking!

Patria Jase

Lauren said...

these two are just TOO precious! And Caroline, oh my, she is set to be a covergirl already!