Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Birthday Wish List

Well, another year has almost passed me by! I'm not gonna lie, I feel older. I'm not sure if it's toting around 2 wiggly 21 lb babies, the gray hairs I am now finding frequently, or the fact that I have a slight limp when I've sat idle too long, but I think I'm officially my age.

 We are "front loaders" in my family. We get all of the gift giving out of the way right here at the beginning of the year. There is Christmas (which is technically the end of the year, but roll with me...), our anniversary is January 7th, Valentine's Day (we don't spend a lot on v-day), my birthday- March 4th, the babies' birthday; April 12th, and Dave's birthday- May 2nd. Dave is a thoughtful gift giver but he always enjoys a few ideas to give him some direction. Being a SAHM means we now operate off of one income. My wish list has grown now that I don't have the option of getting things when I want them. We now buy things like diapers, formula, and baby clothes in place of my random trips to Barnes and Noble and the ever successful trips to Target. The ones where you go in for toilet paper and come out with new sandals, a swimsuit cover up, a maxi dress, cute notecards and lip gloss. How did I just spend $80 in 12 minutes?? Yes, my friend....those days are long gone for T-Rog! I still "window shop", so a few of those items have made their way to my wish list!

Birthday Wish List

What is on your wish list these days? I don't shop much anymore, so I'd love to know what's sitting around in your online carts as thought you're actually going to buy it? Tell me you do this too? :)


Jen B said...

I feel ya on the Target trips. Oh, the good ol' days. ;) Love your wish list. I have the Texas home tee - softest.shirt.ever and the Jen Hatmaker book. The Beth Moore book is currently in my amazon cart. Oh, and we share the same fun!

Sara said...

Happy early birthday! I hope you get everything on your list and are totally spoiled rotten. I have those Jack Rogers and they're awesome. They go with everything.

Nat said...

You can't go wrong with Jack Rogers! I got a large Lands End tote that I use a diaper bag when I go on day long trips where I'm going to need a lot of stuff and I LOVE it. I plan to use it as a pool bag this summer.