Monday, October 14, 2013

Oh my stars...who knew a cold could wreak so much havoc! One or both babies have been sick for almost a month now. There has been less sleep in this house in the last 3 weeks than when they were newborns. And at least when they were newborns they woke up because they were hungry and a bottled cured it. Lately they have been virtually inconsolable because they are in pain and uncomfortable. So.Much.Congestion. And ear infections. And boo-hoo-hoo. I'm stopping now!

Dave went to Lubbock for the weekend so we had planned to go to the lake to be with my parents so I would have an extra set of hands. We packed up Friday morning and everyone was all smiles and puffy eyes... 

Please note C's crossed ankles...that's her new thing and it just kills me.

We hit the lake around lunch time and spent the afternoon outside playing. Parker really didn't feel well. His breathing was so difficult, his congestion so thick, and he had the saddest eyes. 

He woke up around midnight in normal (as of late) fashion, but then he was so upset for the next few hours. He was screaming out, wouldn't take any bottle, I couldn't console him, and my parents thought he needed to go to the ER. Oh joy. So, we loaded up and headed to the ER. We basically wanted to rule out RSV or lung infection since he did serve time in NICU due to underdeveloped lungs. (He is more susceptible to lung issues as an infant.)

While daddy was getting a good night of rest in his hotel room we were kickin' it in the ER at 3:30am. Poor baby! 5:00am rolled around and we left with a diagnosis of an ear infection and possible sinus infection, an antibiotic, and a profile at the hospital in Seguin, TX. Go, team!

On Saturday we drove home to be in our own beds, did lots of resting, watched the Longhorns beat ou (I mean, who would have guessed? I'd like to think my cuties brought them a little god luck), and ordered a pizza in an effort to not leave the house. 

I think the antibiotic has kicked little man only woke up ONCE last night. It was the first semi-full-night of rest I have gotten in almost 4 weeks. Truly an answer to prayer! Here's hoping for a great week and healthy babies by the weekend!! 


Mrs. Jenk said...

You look amazing for 3:30 in the morning,

Tiffany Mendenhall said...

Anna, that's probably because I was too exhausted to take off my makeup before bed! Haha. I think I had on that mascara for 48 hours. :)

Liz said...

Oh man..... just READING this post makes me so tired for you, but fortunately your babies are so stinking sweet and precious and snuggleable. The one of you and C by the lake is my absolute favorite.

Lisa said...

Aww hopefully you are all feeling better soon!! Even when they are sick, those are some crazy cute kiddos!! :)