Monday, July 8, 2013

Yankee Doodle Dandies...

We had a great 4th! It was fairly uneventful which made it relaxing and enjoyable. My sister, brother-in-law, and furry nephew came to town and we cooked out, spent time in the pool, played a few rounds of corn-hole, and grilled a few meals for good 4th of July measure.

My little firecrackers did their job of eating, sleeping, getting in a few rounds of tummy time, and entertaining us with their giggles. In new mom fashion, I can't stop dressing them up and taking photos of them. It amazes me how quickly they grow. I just want to remember every moment and take note of each stage. It seems they are different every single day, so I am doing my fair share of documentation. I'm sure our families think I'm crazy since their phones blow up with new photos each day. I've given them the "opt out" option. :)

Some people thought we might stop taking photos of the dogs once the babies got such luck! ;)

I just die over these feet!

My Yankee Doodle Sweethearts

I could eat her up.

They wanted to play poolside, too!

Maggie was keeping watch on the porch :) (Or chillin' in the shade, too)

 We need more 4 day weekends in our life. Thanks to all who came and played! 


Lauren said...

oh my goodness! how precious are they!

And that group photo of the dogs is absolutely adorable as well!

melissa said...

You are killing me with cuteness! I could just eat them up! Looks like a wonderful weekend. I vote for more four day weekends too!

Maggie said...

They are so cute! I just love their little patriotic outfits. Great family photo too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, your twins are the cutest! How precious are their 4th of July outfits and swimsuits? Congratulations!