Friday, December 14, 2012

The Ornaments that Adorn....

I love putting up my Christmas tree. My friends and neighbors think I'm crazy (and maybe my husband too...) because it goes up just before Thanksgiving and stays until New Year's Day. I know there are strong opinions regarding putting up a tree before Thanksgiving but I like my home to be decorated for as long as possible. 

I put up several trees (I come by it honestly...maybe next week I'll do a tree tour of my mom's house!) but my absolute- hands down- favorite tree is the one that sits in our living room. That is our family tree. Our personal tree. Our "special" tree. The other trees are pretty and have ornaments matching the decor but this tree is a mish-mash of memories and sentiment. I turn it on the moment I wake up and don't turn it off until I'm turning in for the night. As I decorate it I get to relive wonderful moments with each ornament and it truly brings me joy. 

I thought I'd share a few favorites and their meaning with you :)

1. Baby's First Christmas- 2 years ago my mother in law gave me this ornament for Christmas. This was David's 1st Christmas ornament! I think it is absolutely precious and priceless and I'm so honored that she gave it to me.
2. The Dog House- This is one of Rookie's ornaments. I love the glass ornaments and when I saw this dog house decorated with lights, a bow, and snow I fell in love. Although Rookie knows NOTHING of sleeping in a dog house he is very well loved in our house!
3.  O Ornament- I got this ornament when my mom, my sister, my nana and I went to Chicago to See Oprah! When my sister worked for "O" the Oprah Magazine, she got us tickets to a live taping and we had a blast!
4. DOF Ornament- This ornament makes me laugh and cry every year when I unwrap it. This is an ornament I bought in Mexico when I went on my "Decade of Friendship" trip with my college besties. We had the best time. There were room issues, bowel issues, plumbing issues (not great when you couple it with the former), but there were more laughs than I could ever articulate, there was a crepe place on site, and there was a moment when Bradley asked the bartender (who told us he could play the drums and we could sing since they didn't have karaoke) asked him if he knew Fancy by Reba. 
5. Just Married Car- David and I got married on January 6th, 2007. With our wedding being so close to Christmas we had several ornaments given to us at showers or with our wedding gifts. This is one of them! I just LOVE this ornament! The bells behind the car and the back window that says, "Just Married".
6. "Our First Christmas" Ornament
7. Ornament from Dave's grandparent's tree- This is one of the most special ornaments on our tree. For our first Christmas (which, obviously from what I've said above was almost our 1 yr wedding anniversary) Dave's aunt Leigh Ann sent us a sweet note with this ornament. This ornament hung on his grandparent's tree for years and years. Leigh Ann had it, and she passed it on to us. We are so, so incredibly lucky to come from close families. Not only are our families close, but we are lucky to boast 40, 50, and 60, and 70 year marriages! His grandparents have been married for 70 years!! We pray that we can continue this beautiful legacy of Godly marriage, family, love and fun in our home. 
8. Cross Ornament- This was a wedding gift given to us and it is a reminder of Christ. The center of our marriage, the center of our home, the center of our hearts. And, as a side note- I also love the way the glass looks with the lights glowing around it.
9. Frame ornament- This was given to us by my SIL the year we got married. It's one of our engagement photos and we look like babies!
10. Rockefeller Center- I actually got this ornament on my NYC trip with David in 2010. I have several other NYC ornaments on the tree because I want to remember each fabulous trip my favorite sister trip!
11. Drum Set- David and I got this drum set in Nashville. We have drums and boots that commemorate our last 2 trips to visit his granddad.

  1. Wedding Cake- David proposed on December 17th, 2005. For Christmas that year my sister gave me this gorgeous wedding cake ornament as a congratulations and celebration of what was to come. I love it!
  2. Church- I just love the colors. This was my first church and now I have a few, but this one is still near and dear. 
  3. Boots- David and I went on a quick weekend trip to Fort Worth for our 5 year anniversary last January. We had a wonderful time!
  4. Pebble Beach- This is my hand painted ornament I got this past July at Pebble Beach. What an AMAZING trip and true "once in a lifetime" experience. 
  5. Vegas.
  6. Aggie Santa- My freshman year of college my mom sent me back to school for Thanksgiving with a tiiiiiny Christmas tree and a gift. I opened it when I got back to my dorm room and it was this Aggie Santa ornament for my tree and stocking for me and my roommate. This always reminds me of that first Christmas away from home and the good times I had in college!
  7. My Magnolia Leaf- This carries FUN memories of our family trip to Savannah
  8. Serendipity glass ball- My family went to NYC to ring in the new year in style. NYE in Time Square, dinner- special treat from Big Daddy- at Tavern on the Green, a carriage ride through Central Park, Louis Vuittons in back alleys, and frozen hot chocolate and decadent desserts at Serendipity...that trip was full of wonderful events and memories!
  9. Key ornament- last, but certainly not least...we got this ornament for our tree in 2008 when we were celebrating our first Christmas in our first home
These are a few of the precious memories hanging on our tree! I love being reminded of everything I have to be thankful for. Merry Christmas! 


Liz said...

LOVE!!! :)

Lauren said...

love all the memories that are held within Christmas ornaments! it always makes me smile as I unwrap them each year!