Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fabulous Finds ~ Glam Gift Guide for Good Girls...

Happy Wednesday, ladies! I'm sure you're all basking in the glow of your Christmas tree, Christmas cards are signed, sealed, and on their way to friends and family, presents are wrapped and under the tree, and you're plans for this evening include watching It's a Wonderful Life and sipping hot chocolate by the fire.


You mean your tree is leaning slightly like mine? And it's not lit because you were sweating to death and just ran out of energy after trying to straighten it for 2 hours? And your husband groans and complains at the mere mention of a family Christmas photo for those darling cards you have dreamed up in your head? And you can't think of a single thing to get your mother-in-law? 

I hate to break it to you...I can't do a darn thing about your leaning tree or your Christmas cards, but I can offer you a few suggestions for those special someones on your Christmas list. And let's just all agree to live by the for you and one for me! After all, Santa...we've been very good!

I'm a huge fan of this wine barrel lazy susan. It's perfect for entertaining or decoration. this is from Pottery Barn and you have the option of having it monogrammed. 

Oh, how I love the. The clean scents of Jo Malone are perfect for anyone on your list. The body cream is amazing, the perfumes are fabulous, it's sure to be a hit!

Yes, please! 1 please! I love this tote from Madewell. It's no fuss, stylish, great colors, and it can be monogrammed. 

Need a great hostess gift? Are you in charge of ordering office gifts for clients and bosses? Look no further than this giant caramel apple. When I was in college, my best friend's mom sent her this package of goodness. Being the generous good girl that she is, and knowing the chocoholic that I am, she happily shared. I have never looked back! The presentation is beautiful, the taste is absolutely delicious, and you would be shocked at how far 1 apple goes. They are huge. I love you, William-Sonoma.

My mother in law gave me this cookbook several years ago and it is probably my all-time favorite cookbook. This is an oldie but a goodie from the Junior League of Houston. This is perfect for a newlywed, for your mother-in-law, or as a perfect little stocking stuffer for yourself. Remember my whole one for you and one for me philosophy? You'll thank me later. 

Last but not least...these guys are on my wish list for this year. I absolutely love this Casa Recycled Glassware from Pottery Barn. These glasses are gorgeous, they are the perfect size, they fit so well in the hand, they are a great weight, and I love the lip at the top. Once again, an item that can be monogrammed if you so choose. I've been eyeing them for months and months and I'm hoping to find them under my tree!

I teamed up with 5 other fabulous bloggers who have more great gift ideas! Follow from blog to blog in our circle to see everything on The Good List for those glam girls in your life. Next up is Faith from 
The Adventures of Faith. Stop in, say hello and get some great ideas!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping! 


Nat said...

You so described me in that second paragraph! My tree has been up since Saturday but it still isn't decorated and I just ordered my xmas cards last night! I swear the holidays creep up on me! I am loving the Casa Recycled Glassware- I wish I had an excuse to get new glassware.

Tori Johnson said...

I love the wine barrel lazy susan (I also like the La Crema wine sitting on top of it!!!)

ang said...

What a fun idea! I just blog hopped through all the Glam Gift Guides...wonderful!

Faith said...

That whiskey barrel trivet is awesome!