Monday, October 26, 2009

Shocked Would be an Understatement.

My husband and I agree on most things. College football is not one of them. It's one of the only disappointing points of our marriage as I have often thought about precious children in their cheerleading uniform or football jersey on game day. I have a feeling I'll dress them and then when my head is turned he'll run to the back room and change them into something red and black in an effort to raise my blood pressure. It's our marital cross to bear 'til death do us part. As you all know, I went to Texas A&M and Dave went to Texas Tech. He is a proud Red's annoying.

This weekend our alma matres met up over the pigskin and it was honestly because I knew my Aggies would get slaughtered. How did I know this?? Because we have been slaughtered multiple times this year. Hopefully you've already scrapped Kansas State and Arkansas from your memory, but it was ugly and involved numbers more closely resembling a basketball score than football.

Insert a wedding...we had a wedding to go to in Dallas for one of my sorority sisters and there would be a plethora of Aggies in attendance. We were all laying low because we knew our impending fate, so to my knowledge not much trash talking had been done in the days prior to Saturday's match-up. Kickoff was at 6pm...the bride was walking down the aisle at Texas this is what some might call a "conflict of interests" but you only get married once people!!!

As we walked out of the wedding and were heading to the reception the amount of iphones syncing to the AT&T servers was incredible. If any of you had trouble making a call around 6:35pm blame the Caverlee-Wood wedding party. You can imagine the shock (Aggies)/horror (Dave) when we heard the Aggies were up 14-7! WHOOP! And so it was an evening of cheering, "Whooping", bragging, disbelief with a room full of Aggies and one little ticked off Red Raider amongst the crowd.

My Aggies prevailed 52-30 and I won't even begin to brag because....well, if you're shocked you won then you don't have much to brag about! But it was exciting. And fun. And for just a moment I might have been happy to see Dave pout. :)

Photo Credit: A/P Photo


Kate and Zach said...

That was the best part of the weekend! We broke a 16 year streak of losing in Lubbock!! SO amazing!

David said...

All good things come to end or should I say a stopping point. A small bump in the road does not deter the fact that the ags (seriously you'll should have gone with Fighting Farmers to at least sound somewhat intimidating) have been "air raided" the last 4 years and since 1993 in Lubbock, aka "best college town in America" and it should continue on into the future. Now I feel a little better but not much.

katie newton said...

This was a great moment in Aggie history, regardless of how soon the glory will probably end. :):) I'm right there with ya girlie!! And I love that you and Dave are such football rivals (every once in a while!)... you have to keep your guard up, right?! :)

ps- i think my kids are taking secret roids or something... its getting ridiculous.

Kate and Zach said...

I have a Dave (brother) who is a Red Raider just like your Dave! They would be great friends!! :)

Laura and Ryan said...

Gig 'em ags! I'm so happy we won! It was long overdue :)

Elicia said...

I loved it! Whoop!

alyssa said...

I like that you're not even trying to hide your lack of faith in the Ags here, Tiffany...:)